They released the first images of the series on the life of Ricardo Fort

There is no doubt that in recent years one of the drivers who has given the most talk has been Viviana Canosa, either for his explosive reports or for his opinions regarding Argentine politics. His abrupt departure from A24 He also placed her at the center of the media debate and after several months managed to provide details about it. In a relaxed interview with Marcelo Polino to Radio Miterthe journalist referred to the controversy in question and even commented on the management of Alberto Fernandez, who qualified as “the worst president in history”.

At the beginning of the talk, the former jury of showmatch He consulted her about her reactions and ways of proceeding before the resignations that have had her as the protagonist. In this regard, he called her “powder”, to which Canosa replied: “That’s how it was with my relationships, too. Suddenly the guy arrived and I was no longer in the house, I had left. And with nothing, I left. But now I’ve changed that a bit. I got fed up because I felt mistreated.”

Despite this, he explained that leaving A24 in August of last year occurred in other terms: “There I left in a different way, that was different because I had been having the same difficulties with the same characters. And one day I say to them: ‘Guys, I don’t think you can tell me that I can’t do this.’ That day it was: ‘Not this, not this, not this…’. There were several things that were not. And I tell him: ‘Look, if everything gets complicated, I’m leaving because I need to work calmly and freely, which was what we had talked about and until that day it had been like that. And it was like I let go. But I went well. Later, in fact, the owner of the channel called me, thanked me. And I thanked him up to that moment for everything that had happened,” he said.

As Canosa explained, before he did not leave a place or a relationship well, but now he has managed to do it in other terms. “Before, I didn’t know how to sit down and talk about things up front. She wound up my head so much that she said ‘I’m leaving’ and left the course. Not now, she can stand up to me and say: ‘Look, if this is the case, I don’t like it and I want to leave.’ But more elaborate and deeper,” she explained.

On the other hand, he underwent a ping pong about different characters from Argentine politics. About Alberto Fernández, she said: “The worst president in history. I think he tries every day to be worse. Tremendous”. As for his opinion on Cristina Fernandez, called it “cynical. And now damned. I don’t think he’s going to jail, but it would be great if Justice acted and for us Argentines to know that whoever does it pays for it. They have toiled for the future of our children, grandchildren and ours”.

When asked by Mauricio Macrihe reflected: “He missed the great opportunity of his life. A great pity. I fully trusted that he was going to lay the eggs to change Argentina, that all the investments were going to come. And it didn’t happen.”

On the contrary, he praised Patricia Bullrich: “I like it a lot. It seems to me that she is a mine with a lot of courage and that she could be a great president. But if I think about a year from now, I have no idea what is going to happen in this country. The ruling party is a disaster, the opposition is all in a fight. We have to stop with the egos”. Along the same lines, she opined on javier milei: “He’s a great guy. We talk a lot about God and spirituality. He is a very good person, I don’t know how he will be as president if he wins, ”he assured.

They released the first images of the series on the life of Ricardo Fort