The festival born in the heart of the park where “the oldest mother in the world” rests is growing more and more: theater, new circus, clowning, music, DJ-Set, afternoon events for children, shows and concerts at the stroke of Midnight in the new small straw amphitheater. The summer of Teatro Madre is a season not to be missed.

Teatro Madre Festival, born 5 years ago in the heart of the Archaeological Park of Santa Maria d’Agnano di Ostuni, this year reaches its 5th Edition scheduled from 15 July to 15 August. Five years of theater, music, workshops, experiences in nature, spent gathering great affection from the public, always numerous even and despite the difficulties experienced in the two years of the pandemic.

V Edition full of appointments with a very diversified and high quality artistic proposal: 20 scheduled shows, 35 guest artists from all over Italy and Switzerland, including theater for families, tout-public theater, prose theater for a wider audience. adult, comic theater, civil theater, concerts, a refreshment point always open set up by Raparossa Cucina Naturale, Dj-set, afternoon events for the little ones. The big news of this 5th edition will be Mezzanotte al Parco, like a festival within a festival: 3 concerts and 2 theatrical performances hosted in a new small amphitheater for 100 people, built with straw bales, to allow spectators to ‘stay’ longer. under the stars in the silent wonder of the Park of Santa Maria d’Agnano.

Teatro Madre, with the artistic direction of Enrico Messina and Daria Paoletta, is conceived and created by Armamaxa / PagineBiancheTeatro, together with the Civic Museum of Ostuni, promoter of the festival, in collaboration with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the support of the Municipal Administration of Ostuni . This month-long review, which we like to call Festival with a look that projects into the near and conscious future, has seen the audience and programming constantly grow over the years and has the ambition to continue to do so in the coming years with a project that we would like to design in the long term and a precise direction. The Festival is an exemplary model of synergy between Public Institution (Civic Museum and Archaeological Park) and Cultural Operators of the territory (Armamaxa – Theatrical residence of Ceglie a cultural project supported in itself, for its own DNA, becomes an instrument to reactivate and give new light to an archaeological area of ​​which it is first of all the local community that returns to appropriate itself and which, at the same time, increases its ability to attract important flows of people who, in the Festival and in the Park, find a good reason to motivate your move. After all, the recipe is simple: quality in the choice of shows, great attention to respect for the place and to welcome the public and artists; so that everyone not only feels the desire to return to the Mother Theater and the Park, but also the desire to share with other people the cultural and human experience lived by becoming its promoters and always inviting new spectators and new visitors. To put it, in other words, more poetic, with Teatro Madre we try to build the Park a place of the soul, in which one has the desire to return, every time as if it were the first, to live an experience of beauty, culture, nature and pleasure, sharing the extraordinary creative energy that that place holds and that art, theater and music are capable of reactivating and making explode.

Below is the program in detail.

The fifth edition will open on Friday 15 July with “Mr. Bloom ”, a poetic tout public show in which Antonio Brugnano, actor, mime and extraordinary clown, will stage his“ dream clown ”, in a very delicate homage to Chaplin and Tati, and to the immortal masks of Charlot and Monsieur Hulot.

Saturday, July 16, will see the return of “Esterina Centovestiti”, with Daria Paoletta and directed by Enrico Messina, to celebrate at the Parco di SM di Agnano, the victory of the Eolo Awards 2022 as Best Theater Show for Children and Youth: a show capable of catapulting young and old into the emotional turmoil of childhood and adolescence that we have all gone through.

Wednesday 20 July the first concert of Teatro Madre Festival 2022, with the accordion prepared by Alessandro D’Alessandro who seems to take on the breath of an orchestra and his live project of exploration of author music: “Songs”.

Friday 22 July, first appointment with the theater dedicated to adults: the extraordinary Serena Balivo, directed by Mariano Dammacco, will bring to the Mother Theater “Broken is the heart of Beauty”, winner of the Ubu 2020-2021 Award New Italian text, which speaks of disillusioned, wounded, longed-for love, through the confessions of two unsuspecting women in a love triangle.

Saturday 23 July, theater for families with “Vassilissa and the Babaracca”, the splendid version of the famous Russian fairy tale by Kuziba Teatro and the amazing babaracca built by Bruno Soriato on stage with Annabella Tedone.

Wednesday 27 July double appointment at the Park of Santa Maria d’Agnano: at 9 pm, for the adult public and tout public, the Trio Trioche, three comedians, tragic and graceless musicians and clowns will play with opera and comic art on the famous aria by Mozart in “Papagheno Paghena” directed by Rita Pelusio. At 11.55 pm, in the small straw amphitheater, the first appointment of Midnight in the Park with Marco Grossi who with his ‘superhuman mask’, moving from the commedia dell’arte, will wear the clothes of “EdipoStanco” to narrate the tragic events of the palace of Thebes.

On Friday 29 July, the adult theater programming continues by hosting “Napucalisse” by Mimmo Borrelli, one of the most extraordinary playwrights and poets of contemporary Italian and Neapolitan theater, winner of two Ubu Awards and, in the last season, one of the protagonists of Gomorrah. At 11.55 pm second midnight appointment at the Park with the concert “Il Canto Nudo” by Nicola Lotto, an eclectic Paduan singer-songwriter whose roots lie in folk music and Italian songwriting.

Saturday 30 July theater for families with “Papero Alfredo”, an exhilarating puppet show with Simone Guerro, directed by Daria Paoletta, in the role of the puppeteer Bruce struggling with his new puppet Alfredo, a Youtuber duck!

The evening of Wednesday 3 August is full of surprises, when at 9.00 pm, on the stage of the Mother Theater, the great comedian Max Pisu will go up in “Affetti unstable”, a show that will make you think but above all laugh; while at 11.55 pm the small straw amphitheater of Midnight will welcome the notes of Brancaleone Project, the instrumental trio of Giorgio Distante, Rocco Nigro and Giuseppe Spedicato, and their live “Gradisca” on the suggestions of the cinema of Fellini and Nino Rota.

Friday 5 August, great return to the Mother Theater: Rita Pelusio, one of the most original voices in contemporary comic art, will present her brand new show “Emma’s Happiness”, which tackles the difficult theme of the end of life with courageous delicacy, for the directed by Enrico Messina. To follow, at 11.55 pm, for Midnight in the Park, Musica ad Corte Wave, the concert by Antongiulio Galeandro who with his accordion and his installations will accompany the public into the time of the radio, between the world where it is now dark and the one where now it is day.

Saturday 6 August, an evening dedicated to families with Claudio Milani, one of the most representative figures of the Italian children’s theater, who will stage, with extreme delicacy, the typical fears of children, with the show “BU!”. The night of San Lorenzo, Wednesday 10 August, will be celebrated with a double appointment: at 9 pm “Gnut in concert”, one of the best, most poetic and interesting voices of contemporary songwriting. To follow, at 11.55 pm, in the straw amphitheater of midnight, the adult theater with “Flowers of the desert” by Kuziba Teatro, a journey narrated in the Mediterranean spirituality and of our land of Puglia of the Discalced hermits and Giovanni da Matera, true and just Francis of the South.

Friday 12 and Sunday 14 August, two shows are scheduled for a transversal and ageless audience. The first is an international event: from Switzerland the Compagnia Baccalà will enchant young and old with “PSS PSS”, an award-winning, unique, enchanting, virtuous and very entertaining contemporary circus show. Sunday 14th August, it will be the turn of Roberto Abbiati and Leonardo Capuano, with their amazing PASTICCERI, an exhilarating, fragrant and dessert-proof show!

Monday 15 August (4.45am), in a moment of exceptional conjunction between art and nature, when Aurora opens the day rising from the sea right in front of the audience of the Amphitheater, the Tarantini Yaràkä, Virginia Pavone, Gianni Sciambarruto, Simone Carrino, they will greet this 5th edition of the Teatro Madre Festival with a musical journey that delves into the sounds of the origins of the cultures of the world and mixes the African rhythmic matrix with Mediterranean and Southern Italian sounds.

Teatro Madre Festival is also an articulated proposal of games and animations for the little ones, to spend the afternoon waiting for the tout public shows to go on stage, between the construction of kites and the treasure hunt of the Circolo Arci “Mariella Leo di Crispiano ”, the Traditional Games of the Casarmonica Games Festival, musical and theatrical improvisations.

The babysitting service has been confirmed for the shows aimed at adults and the inevitable free guided tours, by Pamela Viaggi from Ostuni, to the cave where the ‘Mother’ of Ostuni was found and two other prehistoric burials. To welcome the public, every evening, the musical selections of Giovanni Calella and the original and creative culinary proposals of Raparossa Cucina Naturale.

For more info and details on the shows:

Box office and useful info

The shows will start at 21.00. The shows in the Midnight section at the Park will start at 11.55 pm. The dawn concert will start at 4.45 am

All events will take place in the open space of the Amphitheater of the Archaeological Park of Santa Maria di Agnano and of the Amphitheater of Paglia (for the midnight shows at the Park).

Reservations are required at +39 389 265 6069. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased on


Unique not numbered place.

Children’s theater – The place of summer fairy tales: euro 6

Theater for adults: € 10

Concerts: 8 euros

Midnight in the Park: euro 6