The White Lotus 3: Previews, locations, cast and everything we know about the third season

Where will the next chapter of the anthology series created by Mike White be set? Who will be the protagonists and which actors will return? Here are all the advances on The White Lotus 3.

The second season of The White Lotus was as surprising as the first, which received critical acclaim and 10 awards at the last year’s Emmy Awards. The strong reception from the public (the second season premiere was watched by 7.6 million viewers on HBO Max) immediately prompted HBO to order a third season of the sophisticated anthology series created by Mike White and set in luxury resorts around the world (in Italy the first two seasons can be retrieved on demand on Sky and in stream up NOW ). Where will we travel next year and who will the story focus on? The creator of the series has already anticipated what his plans are: here are the advances That’s all we know.

The White Lotus: Season 3 will be set in Asia

As we know, every season of The White Lotus is set on a different property of the White Lotus, the fictional chain of luxury resorts around the world. The first season took us to Hawaii, Maui, while the second to Italy, Taormina and other places in Sicily. After hunting around for several months already, Mike White confirmed to Vanity Fair that the third season will be set in Asia. “We are going to explore Asia and look at those countries there. My instinct is that maybe it will have to do with Eastern spirituality versus Western religion. Or Westerners having to do with an Eastern culture,” he said. featurette released by HBO after the finale of the second season, the creator of the series has hinted that the third season will be imbued above all with spirituality, unlike the first two they focused respectively on money and sex. White’s idea is for a season that is “a sort of humorous, satirical look at Eastern death, religion and spirituality. Another rich tapestry to discover at the White Lotus.”

The cast: Will any well-known actors return?

As in the universe of The White Lotus everything is connected, we wouldn’t be surprised if in the next cycle of episodes we see actors that we have already seen in the first two seasons. White himself, in an old interview given to TVLine, he said he envisioned his series as “a Marvel universe-type thing” with characters potentially popping in and out of the narrative at times. At the moment we have no news on the actors who will be involved but we expect another all-star cast, so as not to be disappointed. The character of Jennifer CoolidgeTanya McQuoid, served to connect the first season of The White Lotus with the second, edd was a major character in both. But – watch out for advances if you haven’t yet seen the last episode of the second season – in the end Tanya died after hitting her head while trying to escape from a yacht.

The theories on the return of Jennifer Coolidge and Connie Britton

Yet all is not lost. Mike White, in the aftermath of the airing of the second season finale, was very sad about the fate reserved for the character of Jennifer Coolidge. Even a few months ago, from the red carpet, the screenwriter had declared: “Jennifer is a friend of mine and everyone loved her in the first season, and I thought ‘I can’t go to Italy without Jennifer.’ And maybe that’s still the case. Like, maybe I can’t even go to Japan without Jennifer.” There are those who think, therefore, that the fact that Tanya is dead doesn’t stop White from bringing her back in season 3which could be set – for example – in the past and follow Tanya on another of her journeys that have allowed her to become one of the most exclusive members of the White Lotus guest club.

The White Lotus

And if instead in the third season of The White Lotus he returns Connie Britton as Nicole Mossbacher, the rich heiress we had met in the first season? An interesting fan theory imagines that Nicole will reappear in future episodes in the company of a surprising traveling companion: Abby, Dom’s estranged wife (Michael Imperioli), to which he lent the voice Laura Dern. The two may be sisters, but for now that’s just a theory that HBO has declined to comment on. Yet Britton, only last summer, had let herself go by revealing an interesting detail, which perhaps indirectly confirms her return. Talking with Deadlines, the actress had revealed: “Mike White wanted me to be in season two, and there was an idea that I loved for the character. Our intention is to do it in season three. A piece of casting didn’t work in the season two and hopefully we’ll make it in season three.” Was the “casting piece” she was referring to actually Laura Dern? (She Maybe busy with something else and therefore only available to lend her voice). We’ll see.

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The White Lotus 3: Previews, locations, cast and everything we know about the third season