The “Theatrical Guided Tours” restart

From the Borgia to the Middle Ages, the open air theater in the evocative setting of Rome

Drafting – May 31, 2022

Who has never dreamed of traveling in time, maybe going back to the past or discovering how we will be in the future? There are those who have dedicated their entire lives to the study of a machine capable of crossing the ages, but for now only literature and science fiction films have given us this “thrill”.

But if it is true that we are not allowed to travel through the centuries, there is a fascinating opportunity to relive historical events live, almost as protagonists.

To make this “magic” possible, the I Viaggi di Adriano association which for twelve editions, in collaboration with Luca Basile and the Fenix ​​1530 Theater Company, brings back to life famous characters such as I Borgia, Trilussa, Beatrice Cenci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo. Adventures, stories, curiosities that take the name of “Theatrical Guided Tours”, a sort of en plein air theater in the natural setting of Rome, with precious costumes inherited from famous films and a cast of talented actors who have decided to carry out research, rewrite texts and dialogues, some imaginary encounters that become incredibly real so as to leave visitors breathless.

For the summer of 2022 we will start again with a new 2.0 version of “The Borgias: the protagonists, the places, the misdeeds, the loves”, which will be held on 3 June at 9 pm in Piazza Sforza Cesarini (15 minutes before the start ). The whole truth about the most infamous family in the history of Rome, between alleys and squares where Alexander VI, Lucrezia, Cesare, Giovanni, will reveal themselves next to the guide to reconstruct from their hands the compelling reconstruction of their ascent. Crimes, intrigues and loves ready to be confided to the public.

Another novelty 2022 “The Middle Ages of Rome”, a theatrical guided tour set in the heart of Trastevere, which will “appear” on June 17 at 9.00 pm in Piazza San Cosimato, enlightened characters such as Frederick II, but also of immense spirituality such as San Francesco, passing through Dante Alighieri and the slap of Anagni up to recovering the memory of the last of the “tribunes of the people” Cola di Rienzo, a character whose memory seems to be lost beyond the famous street.

Theatrical guided tour

It was the only political experience of Rome as a municipal body, with its own municipal institutions, called to self-manage with the pope in Avignon and the barons in their place “the only right 7 months in so many centuries of violence and oppression”. Because Rome was also this until Cola di Rienzo began to behave like a baron. “Cola betrayed Cola and Rome returned without a master.”

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Great characters and extraordinary stories that will alternate, making the original world of guided tours with traveling theater more and more unique where tourists, onlookers and enthusiasts become an integral part of the story.

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The “Theatrical Guided Tours” restart