The painful parallel between “The Last of Us” and “Mandalorian”.

The Last of Us there The Mandalorian share a key narrative that opens the door to a new kind of hero in fiction. In HBO’s new series, fatherhood is important. So much so that it becomes a symbol of hope in a torn world. A premise that also concerns the emotional evolution and the search for a purpose by the main character to survive.

This common thread is the one shared with. The Mandalorianthe now iconic Disney+ series. Both series rely heavily on very similar ways of interpreting a new type of male figure to underpin much of their conflict. All along the need for protection of a helpless child..

It is curious not only that the two main characters are played by actor Pedro Pascal, but also that they have common motivations. An emotional journey that will take both the Joel of Last of Us as well as Din Djarin of The Mandalorian through self-discovery and redemption. But, even more interesting, to rethink the way they understand their lives. An element that influences how their respective experiences will show increasingly complicated and harsh scenarios for this new type of hero.

The Power of Kindness of the New Hero Type

If there’s one thing that connects the two figures of this new kind of hero, it’s their ability to find spiritual relief from deep suffering. In the Disney+ production, the Mandalorian is a lonely and marginalized man. Coming from a destroyed planet and a race ravaged by violent conflicts, he is the survivor of a bloody past.

For his part, the Joel Miller of the HBO series will deal with the fall of civilization through loss and grief. The stories of The Last of Us there The Mandalorian converge in the fact that only a supreme act of mature and sensitive selflessness allow the characters to grow.

Creating a new type of hero is not a simple proposition, especially in stories that base most of their narrative on action, adventure, and horror. However, in the subtext of their dramatic, or darker, scenes The Last of Us there The Mandalorian What can allow old wounds to heal?

The Last of Us it’s the premiere of the year and can only be seen on HBO Max.

From the end of the world to The Last of Us on the edge of a galaxy far, far away in mandalorian

Pedro Pascal is aware of the resemblance between the characters he interprets in The Last of Us there The Mandalorian. A few days ago, the actor spoke on the subject in an interview for Collider. From his perspective, Din Djarin and Joel are part of the story of a new kind of hero. They are discreet characters, animated by a generous intention, but who hide under armor. One literal and one emotional. Disney+’s silent bounty hunter whose face is barely visible. struggles to care for a vulnerable little boy. Despite his grumpy and aloof nature, even his initial resistance. Traits he shares with Joel Miller of The Last of Us.

A new type of hero in The MandalorianA new type of hero in The Mandalorian.

For Pascal, however, the HBO series’ new kind of hero is much deeper than the Mandalorian. In particular, because his heartbreaking emotional storyline involves a violent death and trauma he must deal with. According to the actor, Joel will go through the grief and mourning of the loss to find – at the cost of enormous difficulty and hard work – the possibility of hope.

“I think someone like Joel is great material to explore. The emotional richness of a hardened man returning to being human through the formation of a relationship extends to different stories. I don’t know how to describe what is different about him. Besides the fact that it was precious to be able to play Joel and to know that everything around him is directly related to his relationship with Ellie.

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A new kind of forward-looking hero.

But Din Djarin is also at the center of a story where emotions and paternal love play a crucial role. Over time, his insistence on caring for Grogu makes him more than just a protector. A new type of hero who proves to be a loving father to a child who is of a different race from his own.

The sensitive way in which Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau built the character in the story allowed him to evolve. Much more, to become a new type of hero, more elaborate and with multiple spiritual connotations. A rarity in fantasy and adventure productions.

HBO Max's The Last of Us introduces a new kind of hero.HBO Max's The Last of Us features a new type of hero

In an interview for Vanity FairPascal analyzed the imperfect and morose figure of Din Djarin. He commented not only on her slow transformation, but also on the meaning of her small loving gestures.

“Of course, he develops this beautiful relationship with Grogu. And I remember having a conversation with Jon (Favreau) about what needed to happen. I said the best way (to show your love) was to take your helmet off to show your face. He wants the kid to see him. And because Grogu wants (to see him) too, (Din Djarin) wants to experience that kind of intimacy in the relationship. »

In both productions, this a new type of silent hero who performs an act of pure kindness. is decisive. “At the end of the day, it’s all about love,” Pierre Pascal told Vanity Fairand the endless ways to demonstrate it. A powerful premise that the two productions explore with great talent and sensitivity.

The painful parallel between “The Last of Us” and “Mandalorian”.