The municipal cabinet of Bello changes with a view to the 2023 elections

Until this Friday, October 28, public servants who aspire to positions of popular election in the same municipality in which they have exercised their functions may resign and in the Mayor’s Office of Bello movements were presented in search of setting up the bets for the electoral contest, which already unfolds quietly.

In recent days, the Secretary for Security and Citizen Coexistence (formerly Government), Daniela Ortega Pérez, the Secretary for the Elderly, Lorena González Ospina, and the Secretary for Planning, Julián Machado Cadavid, and changes were generated around these vacancies inside the municipal cabinet.

Ortega and González officially join the list of pre-candidates for Mayor of Bello that the Democratic Center has, to be measured in an internal election process together with councilors Daniel Villa and Gabriel Jaime Giraldo, in addition to deputy Diego Díaz. Among these five faces, the candidate who will seek to continue the management of President Óscar Andrés Pérez will be chosen between now and March.

This is how she closed her chapter as secretary Daniela Ortega, through her social networks

Machado leaves his position with two fronts in sight: initially to aspire to the Copacabana Council or, if the scenario is favorable, to put his name up for consideration for the Mayor’s Office of the neighboring municipality.

The resignation that has been talked about in recent days, but has not yet been confirmed, is that of the Mobility Secretary, Rigoberto Arroyave. El Bellanita consulted directly with him without having an answer, which is why we looked for the version of the deputy Jonatan Roldán, who, in addition to confirming that he is still a candidate for office, said that “we as a team want to “play” for Mayor with “Rigo”, he He has until the 29th to decide his resignation and we are attentive to what he decides”.

Changes in dependencies

Given the resignations, the changes did not wait, so Yenia Rivas Rentería, who had been working as Special Projects Manager, will be appointed to the Secretary for Security and Coexistence, the Secretary for the Elderly will be directed by Melissa Orrego Eusse, who held the The position of Director of Communications and Planning will be responsible, in a responsible manner, to Felipe Cardona.

The other movements that were made was the “castling” between the secretaries of the Office of Education and Culture. Andrea Martínez Orjuela, whom some critics of the cultural sector have called “the star of the East”, “because behind her walks a pilgrimage contract in hand” from this sub-region of Antioquia, will go to the educational portfolio, after a management with more spirituality than results, and Nubia Valencia will go on to manage a sector that she knows well because she has been part of it through the History Center.

Andrea Mira arrives at Special Projects and Vanessa Mejía Gil will be responsible for Communications at the municipal mayor’s office.

The local scenario would repeat the presidential contest

Within the alternative sectors, the news of Antonio José Montoya’s decision to participate in the election of the “Broad Front” proposed by the Historical Pact caused a stir. While the names of León Fredy Muñoz (today ambassador in Nicaragua), Juan Felipe Restrepo, César Gómez and Hugo Díaz are positioned there, reflections are generated in the political forces of the right regarding pre-candidacies in the Liberal Party, represented by Jonatan Roldán, Néstor Restrepo and Elkin Cardona, but actors such as councilor Ernesto Zapata, who has already launched the image of his proposal, have also raised their hands, and from the Conservative Party the intention of councilor Gloria Montoya is maintained. On the sides of the nuance of the Cambio Radical party that Rodrigo Arango Cadavid guides, no candidates are defined in this sense.

What is being noticed in the local electoral scenario, which is just beginning, is the consolidation of alliances from which multi-endorsed candidacies arise that face ideological positions, as happened in the elections that elected Gustavo Petro as president of the Nation.

The municipal cabinet of Bello changes with a view to the 2023 elections