The Moon in the Well in Caorle

Excellences of juggling, acrobatics, clowning, circus art, music and theater will conquer the squares and streets of the “Little Venice” in a continuous mixing between genres and a contamination between artists and public in the multiplicity and in the internationality that only festivals of this level can offer. Due to its high artistic quality, “La Luna nel Pozzo” has been included among the street theater festivals recognized by the Ministry of Culture for the three-year period 2022-2024.

Those who danced were seen as crazy by those who did not hear the music – Friedrich Nietzsche

«This famous aphorism – says Marco Caldiron, artistic director of“ La luna nel Pozzo ”- teaches us that we must return to listen to those around us, learn to respect them, to welcome them, to understand them. Only then will we all return to dance together. Theater, music, the circus are a formidable means of communication and can help us to dialogue without polarization, without barriers, without closing our ears. Through the choice of this year’s shows we want to suggest a small path of sharing, playing, laughing together, marveling at the extraordinary technical skills but also pausing, just for a moment, to understand how much theater is a great dance where everyone is accepted and appreciated for what they are. Let’s find out how beautiful it can be to listen to music and dance together ».

A total of eighteen companies will perform in this 2022 Edition for a total of over fifty shows.

From Ukraine will come the award-winning quartet of mimes Dekru, considered the spiritual heirs of Marcel Marceau. Light souls who, dressed in black and made up in white, accompany the viewer on a journey full of laughter in the comedy of life, between poetry and social satire, with an ironic and delicate look at the same time.

A large representation will arrive this year from Argentina. Like the Cia Es with their magical white ribbon; the Compañía Per Se, which will bring the “Trashedy” show for two to Caorle; Torpeza Ritmika, a clown with a delicate heart but ready to disturb the order of the world; and the Mundo Costrini, a precious example of musical clowning, which in “The Crazy Mozarts” will stage not one, but even two Mozarts even more crazy and fun than the original.

From Hungary the Flame Flowers will make their entrance to Caorle with “Waltz of Flames”, a dance show with a high technical level of skill, where fire creates an unprecedented visual component and surprising couple choreography. The French Compagnie Los Putos Makinas will amaze the audience with a completely different mix of styles ranging from theater to improvisation, with a curious obsession for objects. While the Belgians 15Feet 6, with pole vault poles, will pay homage to Muhammad Ali “floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee”.

“La luna nel pozzo” will also have the pleasure of hosting the national premiere of the show “Curtain Call” by the German artists Circus unARTiq in which circus techniques such as the Chinese pole and acrobatics on a swinging trapeze provide the vocabulary for a contemporary and full metaphorical language. of hope. The sounds of modern electronics mix with live music: a saxophone, playing at a dizzying height, becomes the soundtrack of a vertical dance on a rope ladder.

The members of the Vaya and B-Side companies unite Spain, Italy, France and Portugal, gathered in Caorle for the acrobatic show “I See You”, a ballad for four, a mixture of circus and theater that will bring the public inside of a woman’s inner way, revealing the play of her emotions and her shades of color.

The artists of our Peninsula will not be outdone. The Dinamica musical trio will propose classics of the Italian song in a real funfair made of games entirely built in recycled wood. The Kilowatt Electric Company with “Rex” will pay tribute to the scientist Tesla on a surprising journey made of people electrically transformed into musical instruments, juggling with high-pressure fluorescent water, manipulating sticks and lots of talcum powder.

Elisa di Cristofaro will arrive in Caorle with her “Chiquitin Circus”, a miniature circus carried around the world by a nice company of puppets.

Ermelinda Coccia’s show “Life” runs along the thin thread that binds us to life, a thread that delicately draws our destiny, sometimes leaving us the possibility of moving it as we wish. The contemporary circus company Artemakìa will invite us to put ourselves “On the road”, reminding us that everything is change, crossing of lives, collisions of moments.

And if the planet earth is not enough, our adventure can push us to the moon, like Fabio, played by an actor with Down syndrome, protagonist of the children’s theater show “I want the moon” of the Teatro Giovani Teatro Pirata.

The Sebastian Burrasca by Fabio Lucignano is instead a character of fresh air, elegant, with attention to detail, who whirls in the world of clowns flying over the seas of the classic circus and street art.

Thanks to the puppetry of Adele Felici of Operabuffa Teatro we will get to know Lelo and his world made of substance, energy, perceptions and emotions, tensions, desires and curiosities, anxiety in front of a multiplicity of inner galaxies to be discovered.

Also not to be missed is Luigi Ciotta in “Abattoir Blues”, the last show of his Trilogy of Abundance, dedicated to a hot topic of our times: the mistreatment of animals in intensive farming and the ambivalent relationship with meat, which has always been characterized new taboos.

The marching band Funkasin Street Band will make the audience dance to the rhythm of pop, disco and rock, which will begin to warm up the engines of the festival already on August 31st.

The “La luna nel Pozzo” festival is promoted by the Municipal Administration of Caorle and organized by the cultural association Arci Carichi Sospesi of Padua, in partnership with United for busking, the Italian network of international street art festivals and in collaboration with the Consortium of Tourism Promotion of Eastern Veneto. The Festival is recognized and supported by the MiC (Ministry of Culture) and enjoys the patronage of the Veneto Region, which this year awarded Caorle the prestigious recognition of “Venetian City of Culture 2022”.

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The Moon in the Well in Caorle