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The real culprits are there

In one of his inspirations, Albert Einstein said “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who look at them without doing anything”. What about those who let Gabon be destroyed by inexperienced people with more than ever questionable morality? What were the instructions of the Grand Master when he took stock of his magisterium at the top of the State?

“God did not give us the right to do with Gabon what we are doing. He watches us. He says “have fun”. But the day he wants to sanction us, he will do it”. What are we doing with Gabon when some condone and validate all the nonsense that rages at the top of the state?

Jacques Chirac in one of his statements rightly said “we do politics in an environment based on its realities”. Those which are verifiable in Gabon and which give us one of the reasons why Jean Ping could not reach the presidential chair are more than ever served in our eyes. The electoral question or “probable victory” at the ballot box falls under another chapter.

In 2015, many pharmacies and various thinkers were asked to work on the best posture to observe by the Fang community in view of the presidential election of August 2016. The purpose of this approach was to resolve part of the problems experienced by this ethnic group in the Gabonese political game.

The conclusion of this high-level reflection was that no Fang political actor should at all costs present his candidacy during the presidential election. It was necessary (1) to break the constructed and maintained idea according to which the Fang constitute a danger, a threat for Gabon and the other inhabitants if they acceded once again to the head of the State.

(2) Demonstrate that the best interests of the Nation take precedence, and in accordance with its ancestral traditions linked to merit, the fang can line up behind the leader best positioned to win or achieve a targeted objective. (3) Hoping for a comeback when the time is right.

This exercise done, Jean Ping was the first beneficiary. The withdrawal of Casimir Oyé Mba, strongly supported by his family, that is to say his large community, the dynamism of René Ndemezo’Obiang, one of the architects of the strategy of conquest of power by the opposition, the Sharp speech of Jean Gaspard Ntoutoume Ayi, the incandescent verb of Jonathan Ntoutoume Ngome and the determined activism of Annie Léa Meye in 2016 had facilitated his presence on the national political scene.

This means that the alliance that Jean Ping had been able to weave with the Fang community had been beneficial for his political ascent. According to the first testimonies justifying the break between the two allies, as soon as the first smells resembling victory appeared, the Omyènè colonization began to negatively surprise the others.

The speeches between the political partners had changed language. The hegemony of the community of Jean Ping began to be more and more influential even arrogant. What could be more legitimate for the most numerous and the most determined to lower their guard to the great benefit of maintaining Ali Bongo Ondimba who, it must be said, was not at all the favorite of the indispensable and decisive external force. And Jean Ping definitively lost the bulk of his troops who were to accompany him in the second part of the electoral battle in progress. The one that aimed to snatch the presidential chair held by a group, today weakened and despised.

Spiritual justice or the geniuses of Gabon who did not allow Jean Ping to reach the presidential chair show us or explain to us now, with new elements, in addition to the one mentioned above, the deep reasons for this refusal.

Here today, the executive of Gabon is held by the community of Jean Ping who sought to exercise power. She is there.

In the office of the President of the Republic, we have Théophile Ogandaga, a former and virulent trade unionist who was caught between the meshes of Olam, the new nebula which competes with Delta Synergy of Omar Bongo. What does he know of power and of Ali Bongo? By what merit did he arrive at this place if not his only ability to flatten himself before the orders of Ali Bongo’s son. Here is the real Ozavino scholarship. Term omyènè which means blessing.

At the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, we find Jean Yves Teale, the man who had refused to read the press release announcing the difficult but controlled state of health of Ali Bongo Ondimba. Today, all shame drunk, he occupies a seat he does not deserve when those who watched over a dying Ali Bongo have been exiled. Here is the real Ozavino scholarship.

At the Prime Minister, at the head of the government, we note the imposture of Rose Christiane Ossouka Réponds dit Edith Cresson of Gabon who has not proven herself anywhere before. His only record of service is his ability to always swear in the name of the head of state’s wife, who is in no way recognized by the fundamental law. Here is the real Ozavino scholarship.

Beyond these unmasked impostures, what is their record or what are the acts they would have taken for Gabon and its people, according to the Chiraquian conception of politics that does indeed exist in our country? Nothing.

Tomorrow, who will we accuse when it comes to finding the real culprits of this obvious failure? The little awandji from Moanda who manages nothing? Okondja’s daughter who doesn’t even know how to issue a decree? The fang of Bitam, without teeth, who can neither read nor write? The guy from Minvoul who only knows hunting and witchcraft? The pygmy woman who only controls her forest plants and her ability to give birth on her own?

In the world of justice, does the couple to vomit, Erlyne Antonella Ndembet marries Damas and André Patrick Roponat, help to read the law? This so-called wobbly right has been blamed on others.

The Minister of Justice in place comes out of what political stable? What are his feats of arms in the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG)? Where and when would she have promoted or campaigned for Ali Bongo to squat a sovereign portfolio? Isn’t that indecent?

On a purely professional level, what are his recognized records in the world of justice? How can she then, objectively, justify her presence in this position today? Do her actions pay homage to the name Damas she bears? Just in the Patrichi Tanassa file and all her indigestible enormities prove that she completely makes fun of the words of Georges Damas Aleka contained in the national anthem La Concorde.

Dazzling and proud, the sublime day rises, forever chasing injustice and shame. Let it rise, rise again and calm our alarms, that it advocates virtue and rejects arms “. Do you hear Mrs. Damas these words of Georges Damas Aleka?

Who better than you should respect these words of this worthy son of the community to which you belong? Who more than you, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, should advocate virtue, pursue injustice and shame? Who more than you, child of this community who fought for power with Jean Ping, should push back the weapons? Is this the new legacy of Georges Damas Aleka? There is no doubt that with this dishonorable attitude, he makes turnstiles in his grave. Poor name Damascus. What a shame.

The scandal represented by the trial of Patrick Tanassa and its revelations points the finger at the true enemies of the Republic. And tomorrow who are we going to accuse? Can Max Anicet Koumba answer this question? Is it Guy Nzouba Ndama who asks these people to act like this? Is it Paulette Missambo? Is it the plotter Séraphin Moundounga? Is it the frustrated exile Alfred Nguia Banda? Who in this community will still dare to walk to the Trocadéro after so many such recorded debilitations? Was it for this Gabon that these brothers marched in Troca?

This is not the Gabon dreamed of by Georges Damas Aleka. This is not the Gabon that Paul Gondjout had imagined. These are the values ​​that Captain Tchoréré left as a legacy to Gabon and to the children of its dynamic community. This is not how Pierre Louis Agondjo Okawè wanted to see his people lead Gabon. This is not the Gabon that Joseph Redjambé had built in his mind.

Eloi Rahandi Chambrier, René Radembino Coniquet or André Fernand Anguilé have never been flat actors, who could be worked at will. All these named actors knew how to say no to forfeiture. So we cannot say that it is a community behavior. The moral of this reminder is that enslavement or collaboration with the enemies of Gabon will invite each other to answer for their crime one day.

Augustin Boumah, Jules Bourdes Aristide Ogoulinguendé, Georges Rawiri and Michel Essonghé participated in pacifying, calming and giving credibility to the power of Omar Bongo Ondimba without falling into the ridicule and indignity that we are currently observing. That is to say that this shameful flattening is wanted by people who intend to contribute to ” bugger the Republic as had been proclaimed in Riyadh. We are good there.

Otherwise why the wife of the Head of State, their son Noureddine Bongo Valentin and Jessye Ella Ekogha do not answer in court for the serious accusations made by Patrichi Tanassa? Where did the one billion two hundred and ninety million CFA francs of the Gabon Oil Company go? Would they be above the law? Would they have immunity? If not, what’s next?

Christiane Taubira, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, had not agreed with the President of the Republic, François Hollande and his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, on the question of the forfeiture of nationality. Out of dignity and concern for consistency, she had resigned. In Egypt, the Attorney General, Talaat Ibrahim Abdallah, had resigned following a challenge, lasting a few hours, by members of the prosecution. In France, not having sufficient means to work, Prime Minister Jacques Chirac had submitted his resignation to the President of the Republic, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. What about the actors in Gabon who shame their worthy community and the country?

And tomorrow we will come to accuse the téké, the fang and their nephews Obamba, the Dzebi etc. The culprits are there and Albert Einstein presents them to us. The real Ozavino scholarship is those who benefit from it when they do not deserve it. Certainly it is the price of compromise. Because they are the ones who encourage, tolerate and promote imposture at the top of the state. Yes they are paid to betray Gabon. Let’s hope they are aware of it and that they will assume all the consequences, when the time comes.

How is their posture an Ozavino for Gabon? One thing is certain, it is for the enemies of the Republic who offer themselves billions of unjustified CFA francs. And to think that Léandre Nzue, the mayor of Libreville, was thrown in prison for ten times less. It is simply revolting and shameful.

By Télesphore Obame Ngomo

President of OPAM


The Missélé eba’a debate: The real culprits are there. |