The Midnight Club: Mike Flanagan talks about the possibility of a second season

The Midnight Club: Mike Flanagan talks about the possibility of a second season

mike flanagan stands out for being one of the most important horror directors of recent years. Like most of the productions of the genre, his works are of a moderate budget, however, he has made his way among the big studios and in recent years found a comfortable home on Netflix, a company that has allowed him to develop original ideas or adaptations. with high success. His newest project is The Midnight Club (90%), a series for young adults that arrived in the catalog on October 7 and quickly became one of the most watched. Now that many have seen all ten chapters, Flanagan interviews with IGN to talk about the possibility of a second season. Spoilers below.

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midnight club takes place in a hospital for terminally ill young people, who come together to make a rather unusual pact: whoever dies first must send a signal from the afterlife. It is not strange to see at work Flanagan themes such as death, spirituality, guilt or fear, and here they are present once again to give us a story that lives up to their previous works. Mike has already worked with Netflix creating impact titles like The Haunting of Hill House (93%), The Curse of Bly Manor (90%) Y Midnight mass (100%).

At the end of the midnight club we learn that Dr. Stanton is part of the Paragon cult, which had intentions of carrying out human sacrifices. The explanations about the doctor’s link with this group were not entirely clear and now fans are wondering if we will get more information in the future, with the development of another season. mike flanagan He stated that he does want more chapters and that his idea is to delve into the character through a new block of episodes, however, Netflix has not authorized it. The director knows that one way or another the fans will know the truth:

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That connection will be revealed in season 2 (if there is one) very explicitly, so I don’t want to spoil anything there. Your connection to it [el Paragon] it’s deeply personal and I think it wouldn’t be too difficult, looking back on the season. Stanton’s connection to the Paragon and to that world was important and we thought it was a really cool change to go out in… The form of that connection and what it really means about his character is something that I think will continue to be surprising. We are still hiding some cards at the end. But yeah, I think it was meant to be a fun thriller. We’ll address it very early in the second season, if there is one. And if not, I’ll reveal it on Twitter.

The next miniseries mike flanagan it is The fall of the House of Usheradaptation of the famous tale of Edgar Allan Poe and other texts by the same author. The official synopsis reads: “An anonymous narrator approaches Usher’s house on a dull, dark and silent day. This house, owned by his childhood friend Roderick Usher, is dark and mysterious. It will feature performances by Carla Gugino, kate siegel, Mark Hamill, Henry Thomas Y Willa Fitzgerald. Although it does not have a defined release date, it could appear on the Netflix platform in October 2023.

Every season of witches it has become customary to launch a new series of mike flanagan. The director is also known for films like Gerald’s Game (90%), Doctor Sleep (79%) Y Ouija: Origin of Evil (82%).

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The Midnight Club: Mike Flanagan talks about the possibility of a second season