The inescapable consultation

Political Round

Victor Lara

After the Senate suspended the discussion and returned the opinion on the Armed Forces to committees, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues to insist on holding a citizen consultation to advance the issue, and announced that he already has up to three questions.

“It should be submitted to popular consultation, the reform on the national guard, could be carried out in early 2023, I agree that the consultation be carried out,” said López Obrador.

Yesterday he said it at the morning press conference from the National Palace, stating that the popular consultation should not be organized by the National Electoral Institute (INE) and that, in that case, his administration would seek the legal way to carry it out, although the result did not was binding; then what need to do it.

To do this, he presented a draft with the three questions that would be asked to Mexicans about the participation of the Army in public security, in which he asks to know if they agree with the creation and operation of the National Guard, if it should depend on the National Defense and if it should extend its performance in civil functions until 2028.

However, controversy arises because it is said that according to the constitution it is not possible to do it. Well, the law does not allow the stay of the Army in the streets until 2028 to be submitted to popular consultation, as it sought, without success, to have it approved in the Congress of the Union.

Here are the three questions:

Do you agree with the creation of the National Guard and its performance so far?

Do you think that the Armed Forces, the Army and the Navy should continue doing public security work until 2028 or that they return to their barracks in March 2024?

And the third: What is your opinion, that the National Guard becomes part of the Ministry of National Defense or depends on the Ministry of the Interior?

The federal president said that his intention is that the rest of this year the debate on the initiative can be opened and that all political actors can argue for and against it. It would be at the beginning of 2023 when the popular consultation would be applied.

The president recognized that he cannot influence the decisions of the legislators, for which he recognized that they can vote for him at any time they consider it pertinent.

It is terrible when he insists on his whim, because it is nothing more than that.


The same happens when serious journalists question the President about the figures emanating from the Federal Government itself on executions and violence, he says “he does not agree”; but it is not that it endorses or not, the numbers do not lie, there are no other data, they are clear and a change in strategy is urgent, the creation of a comprehensive national security strategy, ”said the PRD.

“They use people’s fear to confront. Article 11 of the Federal Law of Popular Consultations establishes that ‘they cannot be the object of popular consultation’».

The president “wants to evade his responsibility.” Someone advises him badly, he does not know that he cannot make a consultation. And he even raises the questions. He aside, he says that he does not want the INE to organize it when the Law of Popular Consultations, he clearly says that he is the one who should do it because the resources of all Mexicans are used!

So we are in what was voted two weeks ago in the Chamber of Deputies is clearly illegal because it violates article 21 of the Constitution that says: “The command of the National Guard will have to be civilian”, not a military man. And from the National Palace they intend to violate the Magna Carta.

We really need to focus on the real problem of national insecurity, that’s where the fault lies, that’s where the President’s foolishness has cost us 139,000 deaths so far this six-year term.”

The debate is not whether we want security or not, what we want is to continue without a clear strategy. This one: ‘hugs, not bullets’, has become pure bullets. I don’t see people hugging in the street and I do see shootings across the country every day…

Eduardo Ramírez, Senator for Chiapas He said that freedom of worship is an inalienable right and for which one must work tirelessly every day, since he considered that all religious ministers are true peacemakers of society through the values ​​and messages they transmit to Mexican families.

In a meeting held with hundreds of pastors from the Evangelical community of the Chiapas coast and Soconusco, Eduardo Ramírez indicated that these social groups are permanent builders of a solid society and that their contribution is of great value for good social development and recovery of peace in the country.

In the Pearl of Soconusco, Tapachula was the venue for this meeting full of dialogue, religiosity and a unified spirit of paying for the pacification of the Mexican territory, where the pastors of the Evangelical religion expressed to the Morenista legislator, their spirit to work in unity to build a society with values.

In an atmosphere of spirituality and celebration, the reception entourage was led by Javier Antonio Morales Avalos, Pastor Leticia López Calderón from the Ministry of Koinonia, Isabel Gálvez Roblero from the radio station La voz de los Milagros, the Superintendent Priest of the area south border of the Church of the Nazarene pastor Roberto López Fajardo, Pastor Lorenzo López Pérez president of the Presbytery of the Chiapas coast Presbyterian church.

The representatives of the evangelical church agreed with the Chiapas parliamentarian that the authorities at all levels of government must maintain a close relationship with religious groups, since with them it is possible to rebuild the social fabric, for which they bet on initiating a continuous relationship with the legislative power through Eduardo Ramírez.

This event was also attended by Pastor José Flavio Martínez Gómez, representative of the Third Church of the Nazarene, and Abel Jiménez Gamboa, pastor of the Church of God in Mexico, as well as representatives and pastors from the area.

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The inescapable consultation – Diario de Chiapas