The incredible story of Rubén Armoa, the Shaman of Argentine celebrities | Direct Panning

When did you realize you had the gift?
From childhood, at age 7, I felt the need to do rituals, light candles, buy saints. He told people things that were going to happen, and they came to pass. As a child he was a little witch, and in my family he attracted attention because nobody had anything close to the mystical. Over time, I learned of various legends about my grandfather, who lived in the Guarani jungle and was a much-loved shaman who healed people.

How did you start your profession?
As I told you in advance, I was always interested in the mystical from a very young age.
At a very young age I was raised by a gypsy who taught me to take the first steps in esotericism.

What services do you provide?
In my consultation through the tarot I can see an x-ray of the soul, and in that spiritual field everything we live in our earthly life is born, in the here and now.
By having the root of the problem located, we can solve the conflict that leads to our reality.

I saw in your networks dozens of celebrities who thank you publicly, could you name some?
Yes, I was lucky enough to meet Chris Jagger, Mick’s brother, a Rolling Stone, the wife of the former president of Bolivia, several actors, including Gerardo Romano, Pablo Rago, Nazarena Vélez, Roly Serrano, among others. I have attended hundreds of artists and thousands of people from different professions.

What are the things that consult you the most?
The fields are very varied but we can summarize it in three fundamental pillars that are: health, money and love.

Can you attract or push away a partner?
There is a fundamental law in the spiritual and that is that like attracts like. So, generating the energy we need, we attract its complementary opposite.
A ritual is a key that can open doors and transform the impossible into the possible.
God created the world just by thinking about it and we as children of God with our thoughts generate realities since we have the same genetics as the creative essence. But those thoughts can be used in both positive and negative ways. Positive would be creating healthy and constructive things, or when it comes to negative thoughts envy, destruction and negative karmas are generated, because everything one gives comes back.
We come to the world to walk a spiritual path, and a shaman is a teacher who teaches us to walk that path in a better way.

Are your fees expensive?
Some confuse that I am expensive because I have served famous people, but I did not serve them because it was expensive but because I am good at what I do because I do it with love. My intention is to be able to reach anyone because the essence of what I do is to help others.

What days and hours do you attend and in what area?
I have my office in Buenos Aires, but since the pandemic, the virtual modality has allowed me to serve people from all over the world, and I discovered that I can be close to anyone, no matter where they are from.

Do you also teach?
Yes, I love to teach. Since everything we learn gives us tools to use in our daily lives to build a better world based on love.
I teach a course that is the holistic therapist career, where we see tarot, mediumship, rituals, among many other things that are really exciting.

What do you dream forward?
I think the new age trend is taking over and there is a spiritual awakening in humanity. Spirituality is a path to the fullness that we all seek.

What are your social networks?
You can find me on facebook as Rubén Armoa chamán and on Instagram as

The incredible story of Rubén Armoa, the Shaman of Argentine celebrities | Direct Panning