“The Guardians of the Planet”: an immersive journey for an ode to whales… and to human survival!

Defending whales is defending our planet. This is the whole meaning of the documentary film “The Guardians of the Planet” which follows these magnificent inhabitants of the ocean in a breathtaking immersive journey. Theatrical release of this feature film hailed by the 30 Million Friends Foundation on February 22, 2023.

“The Guardians of the Planet”: the title of this breathtaking documentary sums up the challenge in itself. Taking up the cause for the largest mammal in the world is actually saving ourselves. Produced by Julien Seul and directed by Jean-Albert Lièvre, the feature film tells the story of whales in the light of the most recent scientific discoveries. From Mexico to Greenland, with incredible underwater shots, he highlights the importance of these animals and how the survival of man is intimately linked to theirs. ” We can see three levels of readingconfides Julien Seul, joined by 30millionsdamis.fr. First of all, it’s a film that dazzles with impressive image quality. Then, we learn a lot of things about this extraordinary animal. Finally, there is this idea that we can find a bit of spirituality there in a world where everything is going so fast. There is no desire to give lessons. It is above all a reconnection to nature “.

With French actor Jean Dujardin narrating, “The Guardians of the Planet” is inspired by the book “Whale Nation” by Heathcote Williams (Harmony Books, 1988). The film thus begins with “the story of a humpback whale stranded on a remote coast” and which takes the spectator to witness during “the fight to save his life”. ” Heathcote Williams’ poem was a great source of inspiration to put into images the importance of this animal in the construction of our civilization. “, underlines the director Jean-Albert Lièvre. As for the choice of Jean Dujardin, “ we needed a powerful voice to embody this documentaryevokes Julien Seul. This is the first time he has lent his voice to this type of film. And he loved the project “.

Whales, animals endangered… by Man!

The filming, carried out during the Covid period, was not a long calm river. ” Achieving this result required getting as close as possible to the whales, which is not easyexplains the production. Several conditions must be met: good weather, good underwater visibility, a lot of patience, animals at the rendezvous, reactivity and luck! »

Because it was the whales themselves who decided everything: “ If they don’t want to be approached, they walk awayconfirms the film crew. If they stay close, it’s because they accept the human presence in a way. And then fabulous encounters can happen “. Without teaching a lesson, the film recalls the importance of this extraordinary animal and the dangers it braves…. the greatest of which remains the human being with hunting, pollution, noise pollution or fishing nets! Educational kits are also distributed to young primary and secondary school students.

Guardians of the Planet – ©PAN DISTRIBUTION

The 30 Million Friends Foundation salutes the work carried out in “The Guardians of the Planet”. A film that promises to touch viewers of all generations in a context where biodiversity must be protected and defended more than ever. ” It’s an ambitious betsays Julien Seul. The work of Jean-Albert Lièvre, who is at the origin of the project, has been tremendous. And we already have a lot of positive feedback “.

Co-production: Bien Sûrs Productions, Le Collectif 64, WLP, JD Prod, Echo Studio, Wild Bunch International. Produced by Julien Seul and Marc Dujardin. Directed by: Jean-Albert Lièvre. Narrated by Jean Dujardin. Distribution France: PAN Distribution.

“The Guardians of the Planet”: an immersive journey for an ode to whales… and to human survival!