The Day for artists in the name of Padre Pio

Back again this year, after the institution last year, the “Day of the meeting of artists with Padre Pio”held on September 5th of each year a San Giovanni Rotondo. «The“ Day of spirituality for artists, sportsmen and communication professionals ”, he explains friar Francesco Dileo, rector of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie and of San Pio da Pietrelcina, «is a meeting of reflection, prayer and fraternity which is in direct continuity with the ministry carried out by Padre Pio. In fact, the two great conversions obtained by our holy Brother in the consciences of the famous film, theater and television actor are well known. Carlo Campanini and in the famous tenor Beniamino Gigli as the names of many of their colleagues are known who, stimulated by the example of these two “pioneers”, accompanied or followed them on the pilgrimage route to San Giovanni Rotondo, such as Erminio Macario, Walter Chieri, Titina De Filippothe president of the Council of Ministers Antonio Segni, the statesman Aldo Morothe great Inter of Helenio Herrera. just to name a few and Padre Pio paid special attention to this special category of people because he was aware that these characters constitute, for better or for worse, a channel of communication and, therefore, also a potential vehicle for spreading the Gospel ».

On 5 September, therefore, actors, singers, musicians, directors, producers, journalists, authors, composers, workers from the world of entertainment and culture, painters, sculptors and sports personalities are expected in San Giovanni Rotondo, who not only have the right – like every Christian – to receive the announcement of the Word of God, but they also have the responsibility of being instruments for the dissemination of educational messages: with the contents expressed by their art or their profession and, above all, with the example of their life .

“Many, today more than ever, look to characters from the world of cinema, television and social media as models”, says DiLeo, “And many, more or less aware of their ability to arouse emulation, become, in fact, influencers “.

Here is the program of the day:

16.00: Welcome and greetings:

Mons. Father Franco Moscone, archbishop of Manfredonia-Vieste San Giovanni Rotondo; Friar Maurizio Placentino, provincial minister of the Capuchin Friars of Sant’Angelo and Padre Pio; Michele Crisetti, mayor of San Giovanni Rotondo.

16.30; “Art, a form of evangelization”

Speech by Msgr. Rino Fisichella, pro prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, section for the Fundamental Issues of Evangelization in the World.

“Padre Pio and the artists. The value of a friendship “Intervention by friar Luciano Lotti

5.45 pm: Break.

18.00; Eucharistic celebration * in the lower church which houses the body of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, presided over by Msgr. Fisichella

19.30: Fraternal Agape at the convent of the Capuchin Friars.

9.00 pm: Face to face with Padre Pioa time of personal and community prayer (possibility of personal dialogue with the confreres of the Saint).

* The Eucharistic celebration will also be in suffrage for the friends who have left us in recent years: Lucio Dalla, Fabrizio Frizzi, Raffaella Carrà, Bibi Ballandi, Elena Balestri, Tony Santagata, Francesco Morese, Paolo Rossi, Stefano D’Orazio, David Sassoli , Alda Merini, Gianni Brezza, Mango

The Day for artists in the name of Padre Pio