The curtain rises on the Teatro Sociale di Valenza: the OPEN season is presented with six shows from November to March

Valence – Valenza opens to the suggestion of poetry, to the power of the word, to the universality of the classic, to the carnality of dance, to the enjoyment of comedy, to the complexity of the contemporary.
The season of the Teatro Sociale di Valenza, directed by Roberto Tarasco, is back in early November. And it returns to welcome six very original events with live performances and a series of collateral initiatives to bring, once again, the theater and its
infinite variations at the center of the community.
Six events organized by Coop CMC / Nidodiragno directed by Angelo Giacobbe and by the Piedmont Foundation live, under the aegis of the Municipality of Valenza.
“The 2022/2023 season – declares Matteo Negrin director of Piemonte dal Vivo – will bring with it some significant innovations, which emerged on an experimental basis during the period of the health emergency and confirmed with conviction in the programming – we hope ordinary – of future years here at the Theater Social of Valenza. It is therefore a programming in which the innovative approach, in which the encounter with the “new” is understood as a concrete practice of renewal with respect to what has been, is always organically
cultural and social even before technological and digital “.
To inaugurate, on Friday 4 November, is “Things we would not have hoped to be able to tell you”, a pyrotechnic show that unites the writer and popularizer Roberto Mercadini (over 155,000 followers of his YouTube channel) and Guido Catalano, true and
own rock star of Italian poetry. Mercadini and Catalano, similar and complementary, opposite and analogous, tell their own
solitary vicissitudes and their long friendship, between obvious similarities and equally obvious differences: an unprecedented encounter between two brilliant human and artistic sensibilities.
Saturday 26 November here is the writer and playwright Stefano Massini, protagonist of “Alphabet of emotions”, a poignant and ironic journey into the labyrinth of our feelings.
Through an imaginary alphabet in which each letter represents an emotion (P for Fear, F for Happiness …), Massini drags the audience into a succession of stories: from Arthur Conan Doyle, who tests his friends on the subject of doubt to Marc Chagall, who fails to react to the disappearance of Bella Rosenfeld, up to Al Capone, a very powerful and ferocious boss, who trembles at the sight of a syringe. With irresistible flair and fun, Massini stages all the strength and fragility of the human being.
The show on Friday 9 December is a show of great energy: Prometeo, directed by Gabriele Vacis and the scenophony by Roberto Tarasco, investigates the profound meaning of Aeschylus’ tragedy, restoring all its powerful contemporaneity thanks to the strength of the eleven young actors of the group Multimedial Evocated Potential PEMs, just applauded at their debut at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, as part of the prestigious Cycle of Classical Shows. In their bodies, animated by the words of Aeschylus, the myth of that Prometheus relives, the bearer of knowledge but also a symbol of rebellion and courage. An extraordinary dramaturgical journey, shared by Vacis with all the actors, which crosses words, physical action, singing and music.
“Un Poyo Rojo” – the show scheduled, in regional premiere, on Saturday 4 February as part of the widespread contemporary dance review “We Speak Dance” – is a project born in Buenos Aires in 2008 by choreographers and performers Nicolàs Poggi And
Luciano Rosso. Since then he has toured the world on a tour that has touched Central and South America, Europe and New Caledonia, recording a full house everywhere.
An explosive show, which contaminates dance and athletics, martial arts and acrobatics, clowning and variety: a funny body score, animated by the talented Alfonso Barón and Luciano Rosso, made up of seduction and conflict, desire and comedy.
On Saturday 18 February an appreciated local reality, the Compagnia Spazio Idea, directed by Simona Barbero, brings Carlo Goldoni’s theater to life on the Valencian stage with a large group of actors. Loosely based on the comedy Gl’innamorati – in which Goldoni questioned the theatrical system that forced the actors destined for the role of lovers to act in an emphatic and conventional way – the show is a very effective example of theater within the theater. Because “the way of the theater – states Barbero – opens the doors of the possible, helps to imagine: it is a powerful collective ritual that calls humanity together around different themes from time to time”.
The new season of the Teatro Sociale di Valenza closes on Friday 3 March (twenty years after the death of Giorgio Gaber), the show “The child god”. Third chapter of the theater of evocation by Gaber and Luporini, The child god is a contemporary tragicomic text on the crisis of a middle-aged man, poised between responsibility and eternal adolescence. The direction of Giorgio Gallione enhances its relevance and empathy and finds a perfect combination with the interpretation of the talented film, theater and TV actor Fabio Troiano who, counterpointed by the songs of Gaber, returns the irony, the cynicism but also the tenderness of this pièce.
A tribute to Giorgio Gaber’s theater and a sort of “homecoming”, because it is at the Teatro Sociale that the show Il dio Bambino has covered an important part of its production process.

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Reservation is recommended: / 0131.920154

Full 20 € / reduced 15 € (04/11 –26/11 – 03/03)
Full 15 € / reduced 10 € (9/12 – 04/02 – 18/02)
admission to all 6 shows
Presale starting from Saturday 1 October 2022:
Tuesday to Friday from 16.00 to 19.00, Saturday from 10.00 to 12.30
Social Theater of Valenza, Corso Garibaldi 58
phone 0131.920154 – whatsapp 324.0838829
Facebook / Instagram Social Theater of Valenza
Piedmont Live Foundation Circuit
artistic direction Roberto Tarasco
organization Angelo Giacobbe / Coop CMC
coordination Marta Cazzulo and Ilaria Piccardi
with the support of: Municipality of Valenza, Mibact, Piedmont Region.

As part of the programming of the Social Theater there will be jazz events of the highest order. Waiting for the second edition of the Blue Jazz festival, by virtue of the collaboration with Torino Jazz Festival Piemonte, on Thursday 20 October the curtain will rise on the concert of the Montreal Jazzlab Orchestra, a true institution in the world of Canadian jazz since 2004.
The appointments of Valenza Alchemica will begin on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Yel Bosco. A title that refers both to the meaning of “Valence” in chemistry, that is the ability of atoms to combine with each other, and, in the city of gold, to alchemy that transforms matter and combines the knowledge of each discipline. Thus the project will combine theater, music, dance, literature, design, science and spirituality, creating a unique and fascinating event. Valenza Alchemica is inspired by the memory and creativity of Yel, a fundamental figure in the creation of an original and unprecedented cultural environment for the Teatro Sociale and for the City of Valenza, and, thanks to the support of the Bosco family, all Valencian citizens will have free access, prior reservation, for shows, which will be held, as well as at the Social, in various buildings of the city.
Yel Bosco’s work crossed new languages, from electronic music to children’s storytelling, from physical theater to jazz derivations and was mostly aimed at a young audience. For this reason, a year after his untimely death, a two-day event was developed that was able to propose an interesting intertwining that points to the freshest contemporaneity. The protagonists are the most brilliant stand up poetry, Lorenzo Maragon, in a performance poetry show on October 28, and, on October 29, the company Pem in “SuperGiovanni” from the children’s book by Yel Fabio Bosco with the adaptation and directed by Roberto Tarasco.
From November 5th to December 10th a big news of autumn: “Enchantments and stories for children at the Municipal Center of Culture “
The activity of the Teatro Sociale di Valenza for once leaves the beautiful walls of the theater and reaches the Municipal Culture Center to give life to a program of animated readings and workshops aimed at children.
It will take place on Saturdays in November and December (from 5 November to 10 December) involving the teachers of the pedagogical courses Luca Zilovich and Daniela Tusa and other realities in the area.
They would be fantastic journeys through timeless stories, meeting the great classics of children’s fairy tales but also unpublished stories where there will be room for a strong component of interaction with the little ones. And the workshops will develop creative activities of
various nature.
A large house for families where the imagination will be in power to accompany us with joy towards Christmas.
Another novelty is “Valenza Pedagocica” with the POTenziale TEAtro by Luca Zilovich.
Theater courses for children and teenagers: movement, acting, mimicry, juggling and a pinch of magic!
A precious experience of growth through self-expression and the discovery of the relationship with others within a creative and fun path, sometimes magical!
“TeaPot KIDS” (6-11 years): every Thursday from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm; from the beginning of October to the end of May 200 €
“TeaPot TEEN” (12-17 years): every Thursday from 18.00 to 19.30; from the beginning of October to the end of May 280 €
Starting Thursday 6th October. (registrations by Tuesday 27/09)

VOICES FROM NOISE edited by Daniela Tusa and Angelo Prati
Theater course for young people and adults, to use their most authentic resources.
What can a character tell about us when we meet him? What is ours and what is proper of
character when do we play him? It will start from the main characters of the comedy “Much noise
for nothing “by Shakespeare, each with a different character, with the intention of overcoming the usual clichés …
10 lessons for over 18s, every Monday from 17 October from 20.00 to 22.30, 250 €
(registrations by Friday 14/10. The course will be activated upon reaching the minimum number of 10 students)

GUITAR by Antonino Salamone
Acoustic guitar course, individual or couple lessons for all ages
Approaching the world of 7 notes through a path of approach to the guitar, a proposal suitable for
those who want to approach the instrument but also those who want to hone their skills.
The course is open to everyone, from 10 to 99 years old.
Day and time to be agreed with the teacher, starting from 4th October. (registrations by Tuesday 27/09)
Individual lessons from the beginning of October to the end of May 480 €, lessons in pairs 320 €

CANTO by Monica Bursi
Choral singing course for children
Learning from an early age to use the voice, a natural musical instrument, means entering the world of
music in the simplest and most instinctive way. The course develops the natural vocality, promotes socialization
and educates to teamwork in sharing a common musical goal.
The course is aimed at children aged 8 to 12, every Wednesday from 17.00 to 18.00 starting from 5
October. From the beginning of October to the end of May, € 200.
(registrations by Tuesday 27/09. The course will be activated upon reaching the minimum number of 6 students).
Registration for courses requires the subscription of the annual ValenzaTeatroSocialClub card of € 10, information and registration at the secretariat of the Teatro Sociale, Piazza Verdi – Valenza starting from 13 September, from Tuesday to Friday from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm and on Saturday from 10.00 am : 00 to 12:30.
E-mail: / tel: 0131.920154 / whatsapp: 324.0838829.

The curtain rises on the Teatro Sociale di Valenza: the OPEN season is presented with six shows from November to March –