The Curse of Bridge Hollow: Funniest Halloween Night Ever

No.etflix offers the film The Curse of Bridge Hollow, a comedy with fantasy streaks centered around the bond between a father and daughter. They are the protagonists Marlon Wayans And Priah Fergusonstar of Stranger Things.

Comes on October 14 on Netflix the film The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Directed by Jeff Wadlowis a comedy with fantasy undertones starring the actors Marlon Wayans And Priah Ferguson. The two play a father and teenage daughter who together must save their city when an ancient spiteful spirit wreaks havoc by bringing the Halloween decorations to life.

In the cast of the Netflix movie The Curse of Bridge Hollow also include actors Kelly Rowland, Lauren Lapkus, John Michael Higgins, Rob Riggle and Nia Vardalos.

The plot of the film The Curse of Bridge Hollow

Halloween decorations come all too alive in the movie The Curse of Bridge Hollow, the new Netflix comedy available from 14 October. It all begins when a science teacher (Marlon Wayans) moves his family from Brooklyn to the quiet community of Bridge Hollow.

Here, teenage daughter Syd (Priah Ferguson) soon discovers that not everything is as peaceful as it seems: even a small community like that can be full of surprises and unexpected surprises. And when an ancient spirit, Stingy Jack, makes the decorations developed for Halloween come to life, father and daughter will have to put aside their differences to team up and try to defeat the strange creatures that terrify everyone.

The poster of The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

A fun and heartwarming Halloween

The Curse of Bridge Hollowa Netflix film designed for Halloween, marks the debut as the protagonist of the young woman Priah Feguson as Syd. Born in 2006, the actress is known for the role of Erica Sinclair in the cult TV series Stranger Things. “I always wanted to be in a movie, it was my dream,” said 16-year-old Ferguson. “And now it has finally materialized. I love Halloween and everything that goes around it but, above all, I love the festive atmosphere that is created during the anniversary! “.

In addition to celebrating Halloween, The Curse of Bridge Hallow also underlines the importance of beautiful father-daughter bonds, which motivated the co-star Kelly Rowland to agree to be part of the feature film. “I liked the script precisely because it focuses on the family and the dynamics between the father and daughter Syd,” she said during the press preview of the film.

“A black family is rarely at the center of a film that, in addition to being insane, also has a strong message of its own. And then I’ve always loved Marlon Wayans: you can’t stay serious in front of him. Even when he tries to get busy, it’s fun! I made The Curse of Bridge Hollow because I love Marlon Wayans, I love Halloween and I am a huge fan of Netflix movies: I combined the three things and it was a breeze for me, ”concluded Rowland.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow it should only be seen if you really want to have fun, ”he added Jeff Wadlow, the director of the Netflix movie. “Not everyone wants to see Halloween movies that won’t make them sleep at night. In our film there is fear but it is the same one you might experience during a ride in a carousel. Looking at it, you can laugh, scream but also simply shed a tear ”.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow: The photos from the film

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