The beauty of 2022: the artist Raffaele di Francisca retraces the past year

SARONNO – Raffaele di Francisca, an artist from Saronno and professor of Catholic religion at the Diocese of Milan, had a year punctuated and punctuated by artistic events and major exhibitions.

A year of Light Art exhibitions and events for the Saronnese painter Raffaele Di Francisca, professor of Catholic religion at the diocese of Milan for about 10 years after graduating in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and Naples. Son of Fedele, electrician and Maria Rosa Distefano, teacher. Originally from Villarosa (EN). He lives in Saronno (VA) with his wife Nadia and children Chiara and Davide. Of marked Franciscan spirituality he sees “God in all things and all things in God”, this leads him to paint the golden light that pervades the universe starting from the objects of daily life irradiated by divine light; as it is written in the Holy Bible “the whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6:3). For his artistic research he refers to the letter to artists of St. John Paul II who invited artists to “transfigure matter in the light of the Eternal” (April 4, 1999). His “Light Art – Art of Transfiguration” is a reinterpretation of American pop art in a spiritual key, to seek the essence of all things that are under the same sky. After several exhibitions created thanks to the manager Salvo Nugnes and the Art Factory Association.
Last year ended with the Mudinarte ’20 International Competition Exhibition at the Diocesan Museum of Salerno held at the end of 2021 together with L’arte in quarantine curated by Paolo Liguori Ed. Giorgio Mondadori and Artisti ’21 Annuario Internazionale d’Arte Contemporary curated by Vittorio Sgarbi Ed. Giorgio Mondadori.
As well as the presence in the CAM Catalog of Modern Art n.57 edited by Luana Baraccani Ed. Giorgio Mondadori – Cairo Editore.
The year opened with the presentation conference of the Atlas of Contemporary Art curated by Stefania Pieralice Ed. De Agostini at the Teatro Italia in Rome.
Participation in local events was particularly interesting, such as the exhibition of the Transfiguration of a carabiniere’s hat made in honor of Fedele Di Francisca Silver medal for military valor at the presentation event for the book “La mia corsa” by Francesca La Mantia organized by the association La Rivincita di Carmen Federico in which Giovanni Paparcuri participated.
In the same place, on Saturday 19 March, she exhibited some works on the theme of motherhood at the Conference entitled Debate on the family – demographic winter and birth emergency: “But where does the family go?” organized by Paolo Pignattelli of Unitre Saronno and sponsored by the Municipality of Saronno, by the Pastoral Community of the Crucified Risen and by RadiOrizzonti with the participation of Francesco Belletti.
To conclude, on Sunday 4 December Di Francisca accompanied by his family, in the splendid setting of Villa Fenaroli in Rezzato, exhibited a work entitled Transfiguration of a fencing mask created in honor of the Olympic foil champion Elisa Di Francisca.
This event had the participation of representative artists of the national and international scene such as the choreographer Garrison Rochelle, the former Versace designer Ilian Rachov, the actor Massimo Boldi and many others who responded to the invitation of the designer Cristian Raggi, founder of the project which promotes Italian excellence in the world, entitled Piazza Lombardia through the website, of which Di Francisca is a part. The event, which saw Valeria Marini as patroness of the evening, hosted some artists from the Mario Mazzoleni art galleries and the models curated by Iulian Rachov, former Versace stylist.
The evening was coordinated by the artistic director Ketty Bellon and presented by the actress and presenter Iuliana Ierugan and Valentina Spampinato.
The scenography and service was curated by Manuel Casari.
A year full of emotions to radiate divine light through his works.

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The beauty of 2022: the artist Raffaele di Francisca retraces the past year