The Batman 2: sequel to Matt Reeves’ movie won’t be released until 2025!

The sequel to The Batman (Matt Reeves) is not expected to hit theaters until 2025. Sad news for fans.

Bad news for Bruce Wayne fans. The sequel to Matt Reeves’ film, “The Batman 2”, should not be released in cinemas before 2025. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Released last March, The Batman” had not failed to do sensation among moviegoers. And for good reason ! Through this realization, Matt Reeves had made the decision to make the DC hero much darker.

And to embody the bat man, the filmmaker had chosen Robert Pattinson. A role that the star of “Twilight” accepted without thinking.

“In 2018, I met Dylan Clark, the producer of The Batman, and I really liked him. We started talking about Batman, and for some reason that character always came out as very special. »

“I was very excited when he told me that Matt Reeves was the director. Matt showed me the first snippets of the story and explained the tone of the film. Then, all of a sudden, I passed the trials and the terror set in”he confided in an interview with Urban Comics.

Happier than ever to participate in “The Batman”, the 36-year-old actor has therefore prepared himself thoroughly for slip into the skin of Bruce Wayne.

“I spent 2019 traveling with my suitcase full of batman comics. Batman: A Long Halloween had a big influence on the whole movie. I really liked this comic and Batman: Bitter Victory, jI must have read all the top 20 comics, but I really liked Batman: Ego, Batman: Shaman and Batman: Damned. »

“I’ve read a lot of comics that talk about the psychological implications of dressing up as an almost mythological entity. I also liked those that went in the direction of the supernatural, where there was a spiritual element. » MCE TV tells you more about The Batman!

The Batman 2: sequel to Matt Reeves’ movie won’t be released until 2025!

The sequel to Matt Reeves’ film is long overdue

You will therefore have understood that Robert Pattinson gave everything to best embody the hero of “The Batman”. And the least we can say is that with Bruce, the actor has offered a sizeable performance to his admirers.

It then seems natural that the young man back up for a second installment. Lack of luck, this second adventure will not see the light of day for a long time.

Indeed, according to the latest information from Variety, Matt Reeves’ feature film should not not disembark before… 2025! Or not before 2 years minimum.

Very sad news for fans of “The Batman”. However, the director has already received the green light for filming. The script, for its part, is also ready.

But then why is it going to take so long? For now, the mystery remains intact. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that the release of the film should join the new “Superman”.

Eh yes ! Henry Cavill will again slip into the skin of Clark Kent. It remains to know the launch date of these two projects. Case to follow therefore for “The Batman”…

The Batman 2: sequel to Matt Reeves’ movie won’t be released until 2025!