The associative fabric of Oñati at the click of a button

The technician Onintza Andrés and the councilor Anik Zubizarreta in the presentation made. / MARIAN

A digital platform seeks to make visible, strengthen and favor the interaction of the different groups

The map of the associative fabric, with the activities and resources categorized and detailed “to make them visible and interconnected” is now available for public consultation on the new digital platform Oñatiko Ekintza Komunitarioa.

“It is part of a project that we launched two years ago and seeks to promote collective construction from a community perspective,” explained the councilor for participation Anik Zubizarreta in the presentation held in the plenary hall.

«We defend a greater role for the community in public policies through collaborative ways of doing things. We are a very lively people, and the contribution that the different associations and actors make to the municipality is very valuable. But this contribution could be even greater if the agents got to know each other better and ways were put in place to take advantage of mutual synergies. That is the desire of the City Council, and that is also the purpose of the digital platform www.oñ that we have just created”, he pointed out.

The mapping brings together 102 associations and allows you to search for them by: theme (culture, heritage, sport, environment, Basque, education, feminism, LGTBI+, agriculture and livestock, food and consumption, communication, religion and spirituality, NGO, politics, or health and welfare, among others); sector (institutional, social, economic; type of resource (space, agent, initiative) and to whom it is addressed (childhood, adolescence, youth, adults, the elderly.

Many of them have shared challenges and needs, and the objective is to offer them tools to “make them visible, strengthen them and connect them”.

Easy and visual tool

The participation technician, Onintza Andrés, highlighted that the platform “is a visual, attractive and easy-to-use tool”. With a click, the geolocator gives us location, contact information and explains what he does and his career, bringing the reality of Oñatiarra associations closer. It is a project carried out in collaboration with the collectives, which will be constantly updated”, she pointed out.

Aulkiak Conference 2

‘Oñatiko Ekintza komunitarioa’ was born as a space for meeting and interaction and has as a precedent the ‘Aulkiak’ Conferences held in 2021. An initiative that will be reissued this week but with a more sectoral perspective.

The appointment will be on January 17, 18, 24 and 25, starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Bidebarrieta room. The first two sessions will be aimed at social groups. On the 17th, the social and feminist agents, the party commissions and groups related to food/consumption are summoned. On the 18th, the relay will go to entities of aid/social action, coexistence/migration, religion/spirituality, health/well-being, functional diversity, development cooperation and trade. On the 24th, cultural and educational agents have been summoned, and on the 25th, sports and environmental agents.

The associative fabric of Oñati at the click of a button