The assassination of Chávez is in progress, the gringo in Petropiar confirms it

The assassination of the Commander was not a loose piece, on the contrary, it is part of a long-term plan designed by a team of specialists, scientists, political scientists, psychologists, and even psychics, who report to the highest levels of the gringo government.

Participants in the plan have various grades. In the first degree there is the brain, the architects, who are in charge of monitoring the plan, inducing, and planning the movements in the theater of operations. The second degree are the operators, whose movements are conscious, they know what they do and their consequences. The third grade, are the pawns, as useful as they are unconscious; the first degree moves them at will, they are puppets led by low instincts, useful fools, they are found at the scene. It can be deduced, knowing how the quality of the actors is known here in Venezuela, that almost all of them belong to this third level.

The plan, of course, has as its main objective to destroy, to destroy, the socialist intent. It contemplates three areas of action and two essential targets: the first of the targets, eliminate Chávez, leave the Comandante, murder him, leaving socialist spirituality without its main pillar, while letting go of the internal capitalist currents incapable of demonstrating against Chávez; the other essential target, put an end to the RED RED PDVSAsocial property, that of the conscious labor movement, which served as material and spiritual support to the socialist effort.

The areas of action: one, spirituality, ideality, ripping sympathy from the heart, the socialist fondness, love for Chávez; the second, the material, in the economy, in the production system, eliminate the supports of that spirituality; The third area, ending the customizations of the socialist idea, with the symbols of Chavismo.

The plan is developing at a good pace and with little political expense for the imperial rulers, with what they have here they don’t need an occupying army. The first target, the assassination of the Commander, was consummated and its consequences are in full swing. After he was induced, the government that succeeded him was weak in the face of pressure (the gringos already knew of this fragility). The successors, intoxicated with power, did not apply Chávez’s instruction to “to each aggression, to deepen the Revolution”. they changed it for “to each aggression, a concession“.

Quickly, the process of dismantling Chávez’s Socialist legacy advanced, to the point of reversing the social economy established by Chávez, deforming the Comandante’s revolutionary thought in a thousand ways, falsifying the homeland planThey made an alliance with fedecámaras, forgot Socialism, hid Chávez’s eyes, changed the heroic red for a fainting purple. They persecuted the Chavista leaders who tried to resist the betrayal, some went to jail, others went into exile, others were riddled with slander against the wall of the powerful official media.

Today, Venezuela wakes up, with the gringos ruling the oil. Putting an employee of the gringo company Chevron as president of the PetroPiar joint venture is an affront to Sovereignty, to its custodians; It is a symbol, a message from the gringos of their arrival, who are now the owners again, and who will do what favors them here, above all consideration for the country. The president of the PetroPiar company is a symbol of the new dependency, of the new owners.


The assassination of Chávez is in progress, the gringo in Petropiar confirms it