The actor Sergio Muniz in Castel del Monte

Tuesday 23 August at 8.00 pm in the gardens of the parish of San Luigi in Castel del Monte the show with the Spanish actor and singer Sergio Muniz & Tango Sones is scheduled, directed by Francesco Facciolli and produced by Orchestra Saverio Mercadante.

Sergio Muniz was born in Bilbao and moved to Italy, where he embarked on a career as a model; in 2004 he took part in the Isola dei Famosi, from which he came out as the winner. His fame allowed him to turn what until then had been a simple hobby into a profession: acting. In fact he gets his first role, as protagonist in the TV miniseries “The lady of the camellias”, with Francesca Neri, other works follow one another. At the same time he also embarked on a musical experience, with the first single “La Mar” which anticipates the album “Sergio Muniz”, released in 2009.

“We need to enhance these initiatives where no public money arrives but only contributions from individuals. Hope can come from these ideas of cultural innovation that are emerging from below without any public contribution. These projects focus on culture and education, trying to enrich, with so much effort the cultural and spiritual heritage “.
The parish priest Don Riccardo Agresti, as in other social events he experienced, had a lot of courage to field various particularly meritorious initiatives such as “Cantacamaggio”, for 20 years and for “The match of the heart” for another decade. . For several years now Don Riccardo has been carrying out something new on a cultural and spiritual level to make up for the lack of knowledge: he is demonstrating the strategic importance of cultural innovation, with a lot of efforts and investing a lot of energy in this direction.

We realize how big this project is especially when the opportunities for cultural participation are limited. In such moments, precisely because of the lack of cultural offers, we must take advantage of this moment of great cultural aggregation. This need, which at times seems almost abstract, becomes concrete on a sensorial, emotional and intellectual level. As many people as possible must have the opportunity to confront culture, in this way cultural participation will give a human face to our social interactions. However, encouraging as many people as possible to participate in cultural life is easier said than done.

Don Riccardo specified: “It is a proposal of quality shows that will enrich the cultural and spiritual offer. Let us gather around these cultural initiatives, contributing at a time when institutions have less financial resources, to enrich the offer. cultural heritage of our territory and to restart basic cultural activities with a participatory process proposed ‘from below’ “.

(For info and ticket reservations: 331/2491530).

The actor Sergio Muniz in Castel del Monte