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, the player embodies a pilot named Jacob Lee. We are in 2320 and, badly, good old Jacob’s ship crashes miserably on one of Jupiter’s dead moons: Callisto. Good news ! He was saved relatively quickly by the security forces on the spot. The joy is unfortunately short-lived since the pilot will finally be sent without any form of trial behind the bars of the local prison, without forgetting before that to implant a bauble in his neck. The icing on the moldy cake, an emergency situation is triggered soon after. The doors of his cell open and he discovers while wandering through the corridors that some people have mutated into belligerent creatures and do not hesitate to decapitate anything in their path. We will therefore have to flee, and quickly.


We are not going to lie to each other, the scenario of The Callisto Protocol won’t surprise you at any time. The story is cliché, seen and reviewed, but it is still pleasant to follow and well put together, a bit like those action movies without any pretension but which make you have a good time provided you unplug your brain. She is also helped not only by the protagonist of the game, Jacob, but also more generally by the different characters that we meet here and there and who benefit from a rather solid acting. Note all the same on this subject an often strawberry lip synchronization as well as some small bugs in the dubbing, which are sometimes only in English.

The Callisto Protocol

This classicism is also found in almost all of The Callisto Protocol, which is a survival horror that we could have discovered on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as its progression is linear and scripted, and its gameplay old school. These aspects are certainly not faults, but some players could be disconcerted by this return to the past several years, whether or not it is really wanted by the developers. For example, and unlike most TPS today, Jacob is relatively slow, whether in his movements or in his actions in combat (don’t even think about healing yourself during these phases as the animation is long !). What add a little more tension (and unfair deaths), even if this survival horror does not really need it.

The Callisto Protocol

Dead Grime

The atmosphere of The Callisto Protocol is indeed a great success and we immediately find ourselves immersed in something scary, if not truly horrifying, but also particularly gory. An aspect in particular brought by the sound design with small onions, the player regularly hearing the critters without necessarily seeing them. Moreover, the meetings against these stupid rooms have their small effect and the tension is palpable during all the confrontations, which are shown without concession. Even in Normal mode, the difficulty is quite high and you have to stay on the alert at all times, especially when more than two or three enemies rush at Jacob, transforming the fight into something unfortunately quite messy. Or that they begin to mutate, which takes the form of tentacles coming out of their bodies: these must then be dealt with quickly before the situation worsens.

The Callisto Protocol

Because where this title stands out a bit from the competition is in its combat gameplay which is essentially based on hand-to-hand combat. Certainly, some firearms are in the game, but ammunition is scarce and it is therefore necessary to opt most of the time for good big punches in the face (and feet to finish the enemies). The maneuverability on this subject is also quite strange and requires a little time to adapt, especially with regard to dodging and parrying. When an enemy rushes at us, you have to move the joystick left or right depending on where the opponent is attacking to dodge it, then follow up with an attack, and so on. A somewhat bizarre system which unfortunately quickly becomes repetitive, despite the rapid arrival of a magic glove.

The Callisto Protocol

Locked Space

This device actually allows you to take advantage of a kind of telekinetic power since it attracts different elements of the decor, but also enemies, before swinging them wherever we want. What for example to make makeshift shields or send a monster on something lethal. This feature is actually quite fun and brings a little variety to the clashes, even if of course it is a bit crazy: to counterbalance that, the glove works on battery and you have to be careful not to fall to zero. Note that besides that Jacob can improve to become a small war machine, which is felt especially in the second half of the game.

The Callisto Protocol

Moreover, the latter is relatively short since it is possible to see the end in less than ten hours. Nevertheless, moments of tranquility being extremely rare here, this short lifespan is rather well dosed to avoid making your nerves drool too much. And it also allows you not to blow your nose too much in front of the super poor level design of The Callisto Protocol, which strings together corridor after corridor and other load times disguised behind elevator trips or between two narrow walls. Here again we find ourselves not only propelled years back, but also with a very lazy side. At least this title is visually and technically up to the task, at least on PS5. It’s bloody, but it’s beautiful.

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