Solar time: Sveva Casati Modignani and Simona Atzori


The actor Corrado Taranto he tells himself through the memories of his family: he is the son of Carlo Taranto and nephew of Nino Taranto, who have made the history of the Italian magazine and theater. He describes his family “to laugh” in the book “Noi … i Taranto”, published by Il Papavero.

Sister Miriam Boof the Congregation of the Carmelites of Saint Teresa reflects on the spirituality of Saint Therese of Lisieux, the saint of the missions and of the love for “little things”.

Benedetta Cavazza tells of his devotion to Saint Therese of Lisieux.


Ignazio Oliva he talks about himself at L’Ora Solare and presents his latest interpretation in Abel Ferrara’s film “Padre Pio”.

Barbara TornDirector of the first division of the Postal Police service, confirms the success of the “My diary” agenda, in the context of awareness in the use of the web by young people: it is a school diary created by the State Police, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the State Printing and Mint Institute.

Aurora Vannucci on December 14, 2021, she was nominated Standard Bearer of the Italian Republic by President Mattarella, “For having interpreted, with writing, the problems and hopes of children of her age”. She intends to continue to cultivate her passion for short stories and novels, for now aimed at younger audiences.

Marco Valsesiaa beekeeper by passion, fascinated by bees since he was a child thanks to his grandfather, now he takes care of the hives he inherited.


To rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship, the story of Chiara Masolo And Greta Castana, mother and daughter, seamstresses for passion and tradition. From the love for this profession was born “Zagara sartorial workshop” in Varese, where they make tailor-made dresses for women and, especially in this period, transform garments of the past.

From clothes to shoes, everything can be readjusted, as long as there are skilled hands to do it. Like those of Antonio Ficocelliborn in 1936, one of the few shoemakers left in Milan.

The shoe designer Valentina Genovesi with his “I don’t have the right shoes”, Longanesi, offers suggestions to find your own style and choose comfortable footwear suitable for your foot.

The talent and the radiance of Simona Atzori that in a show condenses her artistic career as a dancer who has performed on stages all over the world, but also as a painter: “My 20 years + 2” is the title of the show that she premieres at the Giuditta Pasta Theater in Saronno on October 9. With her on the stage of her four friends dancers. One of them intervenes in L’Ora Solare: it is Salvatore Perdichizziwhich comes from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.


The writer Sveva Casati Modignani he returns to the house of L’Ora Solare to tell about himself on the occasion of the release of his latest novel, “Merchant of dreams”, published by Sperling & Kupfer.

The Real Garden is a small community garden in Milan, born from the recovery of an abandoned area thanks to the work of the volunteers of the ViviAdriano association, who continue to take care of it, also involving the rest of the citizens.

The teacher Gerardo Di Lella, arranger, composer, conductor, with his “Gerardo Di Lella Grand Orchestra” celebrates Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti and their long and successful artistic partnership through the music of their famous films. An event to be held on 6 October in Rome at the Conciliazione Auditorium.


An immersion in nature and well-being that it knows how to give with Barbara Nappini who, having moved from the city to the countryside, changed her life until she became the first female president of Slow Food Italy.

The story of a man who lives in a tree house and is happy: he is Gabriele Ghio and he described his life in the book “My house on the cherry tree. Leaving the city, living in a forest, being happy ”, TS Edizioni.

Tv2000 is at the side of the Salesians for social work, who have been looking after children in need for many years thanks to the Don Bosco House and the Family Houses. In the studio Don Francesco Preitepresident of the Salesians for social work.

September 30, 2022

Solar time: Sveva Casati Modignani and Simona Atzori – Press Office