Senator Enrico: “We accompany the claim of retirees teachers due to the lag in compliance with the 82% mobile”

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Municipality of Rafaela, and the Institute for Sustainable Development together with the NGO Platform for Integral Sustainability, will carry out the 4th International Bicycle Congress.

The event will be held under a hybrid modality, being face-to-face on Thursday, June 15 in the city of Rafaela and virtual on Friday, June 16. The activity will be developed in coordination with the Comprehensive Sustainability Platform, an organization that seeks to be a meeting and participation space for various actors and sectors, to reflect on Active Mobility in the territory as a climate action.

The 4th International Bicycle Congress is free and will feature renowned international and national speakers who will address the issue of mobility as a fundamental aspect in the sustainable development of cities. The event is aimed at people interested in the subject at a national and provincial level: cycling groups, entrepreneurs, companies, cyclists, students, and the general public.

Regarding the activity, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Erika Gonnet, remarked: “from the government of Omar Perotti we created the Active Mobility area and we have been promoting this issue as a concrete climate action policy.” “We are carrying out training, cycle repair workshops, environmental education days and delivery of bicycles and equipment for adults and children, always in coordination with municipalities, communes, organizations and educational institutions, taking into account the reality of each territory,” added the inistra. “I think this Congress is a new opportunity to continue putting the province at the top in environmental matters,” she concluded.

Regarding Rafaela as a venue, Mayor Luis Castellano pointed out: “We have been talking about Rafaela as a city recognized for its events, and this is another opportunity for you to visit and get to know it. In the city we have been working for a long time to promote the use of vehicles that care for the environment, not only with promotion but also with regulations and works. But, in addition, this opportunity arises within the framework of the articulated work that we have been developing with the government of the province and the intention of all to strengthen actions related to active and sustainable mobility.

Guillermo Liverotti from the Integral Sustainability Platform, creator of COMBICI, highlighted: “in this edition we will once again have recognized top-level speakers from leading mobility countries and cities such as Colombia, Spain, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Peru, Uruguay, the City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and excellent speakers from the province of Santa Fe, which is also working very well on sustainable mobility and improvement actions for climate change, becoming one of the leading provinces in Argentina. We trust that, like previous years, we will have thousands of participants. In addition, he added: “We are very happy that a leading city in sustainable mobility like Rafaela, is the face-to-face organizer of this international event, which already in its fourth edition has become one of the most important events in Latin America for the rest of the world. ”.


Active Mobility will be the main theme of the day, considering three fundamental axes. First: childhood, the elderly, pregnant people and urban cycling. Second: social vulnerability and quality of public space. Third: inclusion and accessibility. The axes are given in the context of bicycle development programs and policies, as a sustainable mode of transport and of actions, practices and means to promote its use. Also of the Goals for Sustainable Development, proposed by the United Nations Organization (UN).

COMBICI 2023 seeks to reflect on Active Mobility in the territory as a climate action, bearing in mind that the use of the bicycle as a mode of transport reduces pollution and improves the quality of life. But it also wants to be a meeting and participation space for diverse actors and sectors, to rethink the equitable use of public space.

During the conference there will be free, interactive activities open to the general public: virtual bicycle tours around the city, games for children, stands for ventures linked to mobility, virtual tours and a fair for sustainable products. Among the main exhibitors are: Andrea Gutierrez (Argentina), Lucas Galak (Argentina), Marce Butierrez (Argentina), Jimena Perez Marcheta (Argentina), among others.

Representatives of localities and communes from all over the province will also participate, sharing work experiences around the theme of active mobility and interactive workshops.


All those who are interested in participating in the event must register by virtual form:

For questions and information about the meeting, you can write to or call (03492) 504579.


COMBICI is an initiative aimed at all those people who want cities with better urban mobility, where cycling, walking and the use of public transport are considered an integral part of mobility in the city, creating alliances and knowing the different actions that are carried out in the world.

This event, which for three consecutive years was held virtually, will be held for the first time in person, with the city of Rafaela, Province of Santa Fe, as the venue.


The edition will also include a virtual day on Friday, June 16 through the platform http://www.combici.orgsummoning exhibitors and experiences from all over the world, which will be in charge of the NGO Platform for Integral Sustainability.

Integral Sustainability Platform is an NGO that has been working since 2015 in a network with social, public and private institutions to train responsible citizens committed to the environment and the community. Among its actions is the realization of this congress, which in its history summoned more than 50 speakers from 14 different countries.

Senator Enrico: “We accompany the claim of retirees teachers due to the lag in compliance with the 82% mobile”