Savall conducts Beethoven’s “titanic” ‘Missa Solemnis’ for the first time

Addressing the entirety of Beethoven’s symphonies has been for Jordi Savall the previous step to debut now, calmly, the Missa solemnis (18th, at L’Auditori), a “titanic work, full of love, spirituality and magic” to which the genius from Bonn dedicated four years. He finished it just two centuries ago and premiered it the following year, dedicated to Archduke Rudolf of Austria, his disciple (and protector) of him, who at that time was named Archbishop of Olomouco.

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“It is one of the most impossible writings, but at the same time it is full of tenderness –says Savall–, a work of great importance that requires very well-prepared performers, with important voices. So much so that Furtwängler confessed that he could not include it in his repertoire because he did not see himself capable of restoring all the beauty of Beethoven’s best work with the vocal forces available to him”.

Talks continue with the Order of the Felipons to house the headquarters of the Savall Foundation in Sant Felip Neri

At L’Auditori it will be the soprano Lina Johnson, the mezzo Olivia Vermeulen, the tenor Martin Platz and the baritone Manuel Walser who will defend her as soloists. Although half of the hundred musicians between Le Concert des Nations and La Capella Nacional de Catalunya are young people from twenty European countries selected for the professional academy. The Yocpa (Young Orchestra and Choir Professional Academies) which finances 40% Creative Europe to professionalize young musicians, provided that gender parity and opportunity for those without resources are guaranteed.

“Yes, half the voices are included, but today’s young professionals start making early music at the age of 5, so this is a much better line-up than there could be in the days of the demanding Furtwängler, when choirs Wagner sang. It was difficult to find one with Beethoven’s ranges and tempos. And our choir is very prepared, it has done the Requiem of Mozart and The creation Haydn’s,” says Savall.

From left to left: Lluis Vilamajó, director of the Capella Reial de Catalunya;  Robert Brufau, director of L'Auditori;  Sandra Rodríguez, coordinator of the YOCPA Project;  Jordi Savall, and Carles Duarte, president of the Fundació de Música Antiga, in the Martí L'Humà room

Lluis Vilamajó, director of the Jove Capella Reial; Robert Brufau, director of L’Auditori; Sandra Rodríguez, YOCPA coordinator; Jordi Savall, and Carles Duarte, President of the CIMA Foundation


According to Sandra Rodríguez, head of Yocpa at Fundació CIMA, half of that half of incorporations are under 39 (in the case of the orchestra) and 35 (choir) who have been part of previous projects, and the other 25% They are the young people selected on this occasion: 38 out of 172 applications. Always based on excellence.

“Professionalisation is essential –adds Lluís Vilamajó, director of the Jove Capella Reial–. For me it is as if a circle was closed with those academies that we started with the Mass in Yes Bach many years ago. A wheel has been created: those young people are the ones who now play solo roles…” The project will travel to Dresden and Paris, and will be recorded at the Col·legiata de Cardona, when Alia Vox turns 25, with 4 million fans discs sold of 150 works.

Jordi Buixaderas, Sílvia Bel or the Vilapuig sisters from ‘Polseres vermelles’ will recite ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Liceu

The 2023-24 season of So Original starts in October at the Liceu, with the announced Summer night Dream from Mendelssohn. “We will have a group of Catalan actors to recite the texts: Jordi Buixaderas, Sílvia Bel or the Vilapuig sisters, who became so well known with the series Vermelil polo shirts. And the stage director will be Pau Carrió”, announces Savall.

In November, she presents her project for Le Concert des Nations Fémini at L’Auditori: all women in the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Other programs will be the slave route from Africa to the Caribbean, the Passion of Saint John in the Palau or War and Pau in Santa Maria del Mar, to put an end to Seasons Haydn in the voices of Miriam Feuersinger, Tilman Lichdi or Matthias Winckhler, and Lina Tur again as concertmaster.

With a new website under his arm,, the teacher from Igualada recalls that the Barcelona City Council is still in talks with the felipons to be able to install the headquarters of his foundation in the disused spaces of Sant Felip Neri. “It is one of the options that we are discussing”, concludes Savall.

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The casting has been carried out this time in Madrid

Savall conducts Beethoven’s “titanic” ‘Missa Solemnis’ for the first time