Russell Crowe is Noah in Aronofsky’s blockbuster ecologist

TO a handful of days from Easter, TV schedules are populated with titles on a religious theme. How Noah, blockbuster by Darren Aronofsky on air tonight at 21.25 on Rai 2.

Featuring a Russell Crowe muscular and at the same time almost ascetic, the film amalgam of mysticism and spirituality. Revitalizing the biblical thread thanks to grandiose special effects.

Noah: the plot of the movie

After creating the world and all living beings that populate it, including Adam and Eve, the Creator condemns the human race: “Fault” of Eve who disobeys. Many years later, Noah (Russel Crowe), son of Lamech, is the last hope to save humanity and the Creator, through a series of dream visions, instructs him to build an Ark before his anger strikes the planet.

Confused and bewilderedthe man asks his sons Shem, Ham and Jafet to accompany him to his home grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins). He hopes to receive clarification on these strange dreams. Meanwhile, after saving a little girl named Ila (Emma Watson) that his wife Nameeh (Jennifer Connelly) offers to adopt, Noah finally understands the importance of mission on behalf of the Divine.

Using a seed of Eden given to him by Methuselah, he gives life to a lush forest: with the trunks of trees he will build an ark which will be used, according to the directions of the Creator, for save creation from the waters.

Between religious mythology and fantasy drifts.

The story of Noah and his Ark crammed with animals is told in Book of Genesis of the Old Testament (chapters 5 to 9). It is about a short and not very detailed narration that Aronofsky has enriched and deepenedadding characters absent in the sacred pages.

Noah Rai 2 Emma Watson

Emma Watson in a scene from “Noah”.

The director of The black Swan in fact he had some difficulty in adapting the story to the length of a feature film since, in the pages of the Bible, the names are not even mentioned of the different characters of Noah’s family. But, with the collaboration of screenwriter Ari Handel, the filmmaker took his cue from some crucial passages of the sacred pages, such as Noah’s quarrel with one of his sons, to construct developments and situations of pure fantasy.

Such as the presence of women on the Ark, absent in the “original version”, i magical and thaumaturgical powers of grandfather Methuselah and the character of Tubal-Cain who travels on the Ark as a stowaway.

This sort of freedom of action allowed the director to unleash all his visual talent. For its Noah he chose a frenetic and tight editingalternating the very close-ups of his protagonists with long shots of landscapes.

Without ever forgetting the spectacular component: thanks to the special effects of Industrial Light & Magic of George Lucasthe director built a world apparently uncontaminated but full of pitfalls. Is that looks more like a Peter Jackson fantasy than to the old biblical style blockbusters Ben Hur.

Unlike what was done for example by Mel Gibson with Christ’s passionAronosfky does not seem interested in theto the sacredness of the text which inspires it: at the center of the film there are above all the human race and its impulses towards good and evil.

Russell Crowe’s Noah

The protagonist of this biblical / fantastic story is Russell Crowe that, 13 years later A Beautiful Mindembraces the splendid again as a set companion Jennifer Connelly. Muscular and sanguine as in all interpretations of him, the New Zealand actor is a very unusual biblical patriarch. In fact, he initially rebels, unable to willingly accept his fate.

The actor of Robin Hood thus falls in the shoes of a patriarch split between human desires and divine willalmost an ante litteram vegan-ecological gladiator who teases meat eaters and dresses in “ethical” clothes. Crowe’s skill lies in instilling his character not only the earthly character but also spiritual tensions.

Perfectly embodying the ambivalent nature of the film and sharing the “green” soul that pervades it.

“Thousands of years have passed and the story of Noah is still alive within each of us“Declared the actor” He is a man who alone has to face an enormous responsibility. Even if none of us require such a great commitment, today we are all a bit Noah, aware witnesses of a world that is dying“.


Russell Crowe is Noah in Aronofsky’s blockbuster ecologist – iO Donna