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Look out, Two Ts In A Pod, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Whitney Rose, has announced that she will be launching her Wild Rose podcast in early November. Whitney is an OG cast member of RHOSLC, now in its third season. The young mum-of-two has been busy in recent years renaming her beauty company, Wild Rose Beauty, and dealing with her departure from the Mormon Church.

Whitney informed her followers via Instagram that in early November she will have a podcast called Wild Rose which she will co-host with her friend Connie Daniels. The IG post was a clip of Connie asking Whitney the ‘burning question’: Where is she with co-star Heather Gay? Whitney and Heather, dubbed “Bad Weather” by RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow, are first cousins ​​who spent the first two seasons as thieves. The cousins ​​have worked to always be supportive and supportive of each other, but viewers have speculated about their relationship breaking down in new episodes of RHOSLC Season 3.

Whitney promises to discuss ‘anything and everything’ on Wild Rose

Throughout the early episodes of RHOSLC Season 3, Whitney opened up about the past traumas she’s faced in her life. Although she admits that she blocked out most of it, thanks to therapy and the therapy work done by some of her other siblings, the childhood trauma she experienced slowly became more more apparent for Whitney. A major hurdle in her relationship with Heather involves Whitney’s past when, on a casting trip to Scottsdale, Whitney felt that Heather brushed off her hurt and downplayed her ordeal. The breakup in their relationship is sure to be a hot topic on Wild Rose.

RHOSLC is known for its shifting alliances and relationships (Lisa and Meredith Marks, Meredith and Jen Shah, Heather and Whitney, and more), and Whitney and Connie are sure to cover the behind-the-scenes details fans are dying to know. . . Connie, most likely, knows at least most of the cast of RHOSLC since she’s appeared in a handful of episodes over the seasons and should also be able to give her own first-hand experiences and background regarding others. women in the series.

Juggling motherhood, filming, a beauty brand and now a podcast, Whitney is sure to have her hands full in the future, but she’s ‘so excited’ to have the opportunity to share her thoughts on everything. regarding housewives, religion, spirituality and more. RHOSLC’s Lisa and Stephanie Hollman of The Real Housewives of Dallas both congratulated Whitney on her new venture. New episodes of Wild Rose Podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 air at 7 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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RHOSLC: Whitney Rose announces the launch of the Wild Rose podcast | Pretty Reel