Review of Avatar 2 The Sense of Water (2022) by James Cameron

Review of Avatar 2 The Sense of Water (2022), the long-awaited sequel directed by acclaimed director James Cameron. We are facing a proposal that is visually impressive but not very innovative compared to its original script. Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated film releases of the last decade and which hits theaters this Friday, December 16. Will the highest grossing of this Christmas 2022 be proclaimed?


The film begins by presenting us with the history of the family sully (Jake, Neytiri and their children) and the difficulties they face on a daily basis to stay alive in a hostile environment.

Pandora’s universe

Review of the movie Avatar 2 The sense of water (2022)

thirteen years after James Cameron burst the world box office with Avatar (2009)premieres its sequel under the title “The sense of water” (The way of water). Beyond an exploration of the seas of Pandora and his tribe, the movie Avatar 2 The Sense of Water (2022) There’s very, very little that’s new about its predecessor, though the technical prowess remains undisputed.

the sully family
the sully family

What is the movie Avatar 2 about

It’s been years since Jake Sully find her place among the Na’vi and marry neytiri. At that time sully He has formed a family that has brightened his days in which there have been no major changes, until the earthlings decide to return to the fray with the same claims as before, and even resurrecting the main villain of the original “Avatar”.

Some spectacular visual effects
Some spectacular visual effects

Few changes from the original script

The responsibility of sully As a leader and as a father, it is a different motivation, and it is what leads your family member to explore the seas of Pandora. Even so, an identical anti-colonialist structure and message make the movie Avatar 2 The Sense of Water (2022) a sequel that contributes very little and that, if in its more than three long hours it is enjoyed, it is due to the time elapsed since the premiere of its predecessor and due to the hardly incomparable technical invoice, which provide freshness in a somewhat tricky way. It is obvious that the intention was never another.

Recovering those mythical 3D glasses

Except for some occasional premiere (gravity in 2013, for example), since that first Avatar came out in 2009, 3D glasses have become an anecdotal memory of an expensive fashion that never quite caught on. James Cameron recovers this technology by giving it a use and meaning that is hard to remember. Both the forest and the seas of Pandora They are very spacious places with a richness of detail that allow a depth and compositional richness that 3D enriches.

The movie avatar 2 the sense of water It does not vulgarly play at making things “come out” of the screen, rather its generally wide shots are provided with greater depth and richness when viewed in three dimensions. This gives meaning to a staging whose priority is once again immersing the viewer in the world of Pandora. At the same time, because it is not so “playful”, 3D is still perfectly dispensable for those who are not willing to pay the extra for glasses.

Scene from the movie Avatar 2 The Sense of Water
Scene from the movie Avatar 2 The Sense of Water

The impeccable visual universe of Pandora

The visual finish borders on perfection, as did the previous installment in 2009. The recreation of the spaces and the textures of the rocks, the forests, the sea, sometimes make you forget that you are watching an animated film. This is helped by the technique of merging real actors with the digital traits of the Na’vi. This technique is more effective in short shots more dedicated to the expressions of the actors than in the movements of the creatures, which on occasion can be
get to do a little robotic; Despite the fact that they have come very close, the digital technique is still unable to recreate the complex movements of humanoids with complete naturalness and ease. There are moments in which these small aberrations create a very strange fast-motion effect that derails the immeasurable achievements in this technical / visual section.

In the action scenes, the speed and instability of the realization of these scenes are not always executed in the best possible way, which together with a natural fatigue from spending almost three hours fixed in the seat make the last act the least stimulating, and in which one becomes clear -before he didn’t care a little more- that the film could have lasted forty minutes less and it would even have come out on top.

Final opinion of the movie Avatar 2 The sense of water (2022)

It is worth mentioning that there was some interest in the conflict of a new character, but James Cameron has decided that what has been seen in this regard is only the progress of the third installment, or perhaps the fourth. The movie avatar 2 the sense of water is a new immersion and expansion of an impressive world
presented with an unappealable technique and that can be enjoyed, despite an almost non-existent dramatic contribution. Wow, just like the original “Avatar”.

Premiere and technical sheet

Original title: Avatar The Way of Water
Gender: Science Fiction, Adventure, Action
Official site: Avatar 2 The Sense of Water
Country: USA
Idiom: English
Release date: December 16, 2022 in theaters
Producer: 20th Century Studios, Lightstorm Entertainment, TSG Entertainment
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures
Duration: 190 minutes
Year: 2022
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

Artistic sheet

Address: James Cameron
Script: James Cameron, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Music: simon franglen
Photography: Russell Carpenter
Distribution: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, Edie Falco, CCH Pounder


Avatar 2 movie poster The Water Sense
Avatar 2 movie poster The Water Sense



The movie Avatar 2 The Sense of Water is an interesting return to Pandora, if you are willing to live a second trip almost identical to the first.


An almost perfect technical and visual finish, worthy of an almost unrepeatable immersive experience.


A script that innovates and contributes quite little to the universe.

Review of Avatar 2 The Sense of Water (2022) by James Cameron