Regional elections, Amata (Lega): Jubilee 2025 an opportunity not to be missed for the province of Frosinone |

The Northern League parent company in the Province: “The 2025 Jubilee represents a historic opportunity to intercept investments useful for the growth of the province of Frosinone as well: with Francesco Rocca and the League will do it in the best possible way”.

“So that our land, our citizens, businesses and young people will once again have those opportunities and those opportunities, that dignity and those rights, which ten years of centre-left government have mortified. The province of Frosinone, a territory of unexpressed and never fully exploited potential, must once again count. And it must do so through a political proposal of seriousness and responsibility, guaranteed by a direct institutional chain with the national government that only Francesco Rocca and the center-right line-up can now guarantee”. This is what the candidate in the regional elections of the League, provincial group leader of the party, affirms, Andrew Amata: “I make my passion and my commitment available, my visceral idea of ​​politics made up of attachment to the territory. I put myself on the line to best represent the province of Frosinone. There is a desire for change, the will of the citizens to put an end to ten years of obscurantism and maladministration is perceived. Above all, the desire to cancel an administrative model that has ignored and mistreated the provinces”.

“In Francesco Rocca’s program – Amata argues – the territories will play the role of main actors, also and above all through the imprint of the League which has this type of approach in its DNA. Healthcare finally for everyone, development of agricultural and tourist vocations, new infrastructures, reduction of the tax burden, support for investments. These will be our themes, these are the commitments I want to bring to the attention of the regional government”.

“The next consiliation of the Lazio Region – concludes the Lega candidate – will be the one that will manage a fundamental appointment for the fate of the entire territory, in particular for the province of Frosinone. She will be the junta in charge for the 2025 Jubilee, an occasion for not only spiritual but also social, cultural and economic rebirth. An opportunity that can not only concern Rome, but all of Lazio. The province of Frosinone is a land of religion and spirituality and must know how to insert itself with authority and adequate representation in this discourse. I am also applying to represent this need to be there, to count, to give strength to the territory, to revive it, to give proper consideration to our municipalities, our tradition, our historical heritage”.

“I want to thank the undersecretary and regional coordinator Claudius Durigon and especially the honorable Nicholas Ottaviani, provincial coordinator of the party: the list of the League in the province of Frosinone is very strong, authoritative, balanced from north to south and above all characterized by experience and competence. The capabilities that are needed to play such an important and decisive role for the foreseeable future”.

Regional elections, Amata (Lega): Jubilee 2025 an opportunity not to be missed for the province of Frosinone |