Power Rangers: from suicides to murders, the curse of the actors of the children’s series

The power Rangers It was a children’s television series that had several seasons and was followed by millions of children around the world. However, the actors who participated in the production have been involved in several controversies, which have had tragic endings.

The suicide of Jason David Frank, better known as the Green Power Ranger

Iconic actor Jason David Frank, who played Tommy for years in Power Rangers, passed away on the morning of Sunday, November 20, 2022. This news moved the entire world that grew up watching the powerful character.

The legendary Power Ranger, as this character was considered, died at the age of 49. The news was confirmed by his trainer Mike “The Greek” Bronzoulis after the media in the United States published his death. The middle TMZ confirmed that suicide was the cause of his death.

“RIP my brother from another mother, Jason David Frank, I am still in shock. I feel terrible, he called me, he left me a message and it took me a long time. Jason was a good friend to me and I will miss him. Love and prayers for his wife Tammie and his children, I pray that God carries them through this difficult time,” he wrote with an emotional photo of the two.

Another Power Rangers actor in trouble was sentenced to death

The case of the actor Skylar Preciosa DeLeon has been present for years in the judicial news of the United States. DeLeon became famous by participating in the series The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the 90’s and was considered one of the promises of the young promises of acting at the time.

As a child he used to be called John Julius Jacobson Jr., and he was born on August 12, 1979 in California, United States. The actor made the decision twice to change his name: first it was Skylar Julius DeLeon, and in the darkest time of his life he changed his name to Skylar Preciosa DeLeon.

Years after he married Jennifer Henderson, the actor and his wife were found guilty by the US justice system for the murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks, a married couple who was selling their yacht in 2004. According to the authorities’ report , both couples were in the boat along with two accomplices.

The bodies of the victims were never found by the authorities, however, In 2004, during an official interrogation, Alonso Machain confessed the truth of the crime.

For these events, DeLeón was sentenced to death by lethal injection and his wife Jennifer Henderson was sentenced to life in prison without the right to parole. The actor must be confined in the so-called “death row”, waiting for the day of his execution to arrive.

Red Power Ranger pleaded guilty to murder

The actor Ricardo Medina Jr., who participated in several Power Rangers productions playing the role of Cole Evans, the red ranger of the season Wild Forcepleaded guilty to murdering his roommate with a sword, the Los Angeles County attorney’s office said in a statement in recent months.

The 38-year-old artist was arrested in February 2015 for allegedly killing his roommate Joshua Sutter. According to the authorities’ account, Medina argued with Sutter about the actor’s girlfriend. Medina, who was with his partner at the time, locked herself in his room, but Sutter managed to get in and that’s when the actor stabbed him with the sword.

Power Rangers: from suicides to murders, the curse of the actors of the children’s series