Oscar Parrilli did not rule out a dialogue between Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri | “He never set a limit,” stressed the senator

Senator Oscar Parrilli today considered it necessary “to return to the path of dialogue.” In this framework, he assured that the vice president Cristina Kirchner proposes “leaving grievances aside” between leaders and He did not rule out that he dialogue with Mauricio Macri.

“Christina states that it is necessary to put aside the grievances between leaders and have the ability to dialogue and discuss in a democratic manner to seek solutions to the very serious problems that Argentina has“, said the senator in statements to Radio Provincia.

Referring to the vice president, who on Thursday participated in a meeting with villero priests, priests in option for the Poor, sisters, nuns and laywomen, Parilli said that it is necessary to “retake the path of dialogue” between the political leadership.

“There is more than eloquent evidence that Cristina is always open to dialogue,” Parrili also said and clarified: “Cristina has no limit in her breadth of dialogue. She never put a limit on anything”.

In this framework, the senator did not rule out an exchange with Macri. “It is not ruled out that Cristina gets together to talk with Macri. He never set a limit, “he reiterated on El Destape Radio.

Regarding the activity with religious in the Senate, he stated that “it was a very emotional and spiritually charged act after a situation as extreme and tremendous as the one he suffered on September 1”, referring to the assassination attempt suffered by the vice president.

She stressed that at the meeting Fernández de Kirchner “was reunited with people she loves very much and has reciprocity from them,” adding that “the image and her words give clarity of who she is and of her mental integrity and political convictions. and religious you have”.

Parrilli stressed that, for the former president, it was “very important to listen to the words of those who are very close to the most vulnerable and needy.” “These are the sectors with which he feels special attention and commitment,” she added.

The senator also stressed that during his speech “he had very clear and forceful political definitions regarding how a society and a Nation should be built in the future” because “the most serious thing was not only that they attempted against his life but that they attempted against the life in democracy.

For the legislator, with the assassination attempt, “the social and political agreement that we have built in these 40 years” was broken, in which “the different parties can have differences, opinions, because we defend different interests but we always submit to the will of the people.” , and never to violence as it was in this case”.

Regarding the legal case, he maintained that “all Argentines have the right to know where this group ends up” because “they were not crazy or isolated marginals” and added that “we want to know if there was any actor who promoted and encouraged them to carry out this action.”

“We know who the material actors were, but we want justice to give all Argentines the security that, if there is one, the intellectual authors of this terrible attack will be identified because it will give us peace of mind that this will not come back. to happen,” he stressed.

Oscar Parrilli did not rule out a dialogue between Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri | “He never set a limit,” stressed the senator