Open Cultural Data Hackathon, the European event within the Pa.CE project dedicated to startups, businesses and freelancers under 35

Activity 3.4 Digitization of documents concerning the issues covered by PITEM PACE and the ALCOTRA program for any type of computer support and free of rights.

The digitized material on the project topics from the partners is the following:

– Editorial materials referring to historical newspapers:

– Photographic materials from the funds:

  • Gallery of Modern Art of Turin
  • Piemonte region

– Materials relating to the naturalistic field belonging to the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Turin:

  • specimens of mineralogy, paleontology and botany

– Editorial, archival and/or promotional materials, such as:

  • Historical collection (books, loose papers and iconography) of the historical library of the Castle of Masino (TO)
  • Atlanti Fund (maps) and Fund for games and animated books of the Tancredi di Barolo Foundation (TO)
  • Storybooks of the Civic Library of Turin
  • Registers of the historical Land Registry of the Municipality of Celle di Macra (CN)
  • Archival material relating to the forts of Exilles and Fenestrelle conserved in the State Archives of Turin
  • Archival material of the Municipality of Cherasco (CN)
  • Archival collection of the parish of San Vincenzo Martire di Nole (TO)

– Photographic and archival material from:

  • Nuto Revelli Foundation (CN)
  • Ecomuseum of Copper Work and Resistance of Alpette (TO)
  • Coazze Resistance Ecomuseum (TO)

The material of Piedmont, together with that of the partners, can be consulted at the following link:

For the consultation of the aggregator a few have been prepared tutorials (the updated site address is not the one mentioned in the tutorials, but

– Discover the Interface:

– Perform a documentary search:

– Consultation of search results

– Consult a sheet:

Activity 3.1.7 A fantastic object of heritage: the legends and fairy tales. An action that aims to collect and promote the intangible heritage of their respective territories through their fairy tales and legends. In fact, the inhabitants of the Alcotra area share a popular tradition of myths and legends, with fairy tales whose protagonists are gods, heroes, witches, ghosts, demons and saints. Sometimes these stories attribute fantastic origins to the shapes of the landscape. In other cases, stories and fairy tales have transformed historical events with imagination. This magical and enchanting world echoes in the rituals of spirituality that strengthen community bonds. On this page, soon the link to the database.

Activity 4.1.3 An innovative tool – a co_creative online discovery game. A collaborative game on the theme of the fantastic is made available to libraries or children aged 6 to 11. The digital educational game includes different levels of difficulty. Soon the link to the game.

Activity 4.3 Make the sharing tool known to the academic and professional world to improve the experience of tourists.

Activity 4.3.2. Awareness raising tools for tourism actors. A meeting with the local tourist companies took place online on 3 November to explain the FAR KNOWN project. In addition, a meeting took place in the State Archives on 29 November. Presentation slides coming soon.

Open Cultural Data Hackathon, the European event within the Pa.CE project dedicated to startups, businesses and freelancers under 35