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Jean Alesi in Bassano in 2014 (photo Alessandro Tich – Bassanonet archive)

“Today’s meeting – reports the regional councilor in the FB group “Let’s save the Friars in Bassano” of which she is co-administrator – went very well because brother Tadiello, the Father Superior, was very clear about the mobilization of the territory and of Bassano and was struck by so much excitement and also pleased with this affection.
“He explained that there are two types of reasons – the ED report continues -. One – and we understood it – is of the vocational type, that is, in general there is a lack of vocations and they have a very large province (now also with Bolzano) and which means having to reorganize and choose what should be kept open and what should be closed .”
“The second – continues the text – is of a managerial nature: the spaces of the convent of Bassano are very large, and also old. He will decide the Chapter which will be held until February. The Chapter is that form of assembly in which all the Friars express a vote and there is no hierarchy, there is freedom to vote.”
“Obviously the Father Superior brings a project – writes Donazzan -. The project certainly envisaged the closure of Bassano, but with this initiative of ours we have reopened a glimmer that we hope can be heard and can add elements for a vote we call “positive” for Bassano.”
In short: the superior of the Triveneto province of the Cappuccini has taken note of the mobilization in progress and would have expressed what in political dialect would be defined as a “cautious opening”. The friars of the Chapter will then decide with their votes: one head one vote, without hierarchies. But unfortunately, unlike the situations Elena Donazzan has been used to all her life, we are not in the electoral campaign.

Then what to do? She is the same co-promoter of the collection of signatures, illuminated on the Via di San Sebastiano, to trace the road.
His post about the post meeting with the superior states:
“What do we need between now and February? Continue to show our affection, and show it not to put pressure on the brothers who will have to vote, because this is up to them, but to mobilize a community and to make the friars who will have to vote understand that Bassano is welcoming.”
But that’s not all, because Donazzan goes further and raises the question of the need “for a relaunch of our convent, for initiatives to make it more lively”.
However, this is not the responsibility of the Friars who “have to think about prayer, spirituality and celebration”.
“We – presses the passionate pro Cappuccini – we must instead think of all the activities that can be of support, accompaniment, relaunch, and on this there were some projects still a few years ago that had been imagined for the Convent of Bassano: we will take them up again and ask to volunteers, to many entrepreneurs who have also decided in these hours to tell me “we are here economically”, even with very important figures.”
“A historic merchant from Bassano, for example, said he was willing to donate tens of thousands of euros in order to maintain the presence of the Friars – concludes the post -. We will try to see how, for the management part of the problem, it can be helpful to arrive prepared for the Chapter and to say that there is a project in Bassano for our Convent.”
Ergo: to save the stay in Bassano of the saio brothers, the exponent of Fratelli d’Italia calls together the economic forces of the territory so that they contribute – also and above all by putting their hands on their wallets – to a “planning” that avoids transforming San Sebastiano in a disposable void.

In the meantime, after the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho joined the initiative pro Friars in Bassano, testimonials continue to be added in favor of the maintenance of the religious in the city by famous people.
Like Coelho himself, these are big names linked in one way to the Aquila family, supporters of the initiative for the Capuchins, and in particular to the memory of the late patron of the Penne Montegrappa Gianfranco Aquila.
This evening, freshly posted on the FB group “Salviamo i Frati a Bassano” by the co-administrator Sandro Venzo, is the video message of support for the cause of the actor Remo Girone, whom we remember among the many well-known faces of TV and the show (Quincy Jones in particular) who participated in Bassano in 2014 at the inauguration of the Montegrappa store in Piazza Garibaldi.
“When these secular centers of religion and compassion disappear – Girone says – it is always a bad sign for the times we live in, because a reference to the sacredness of life disappears and something is lost in the landscape of our soul.” “I say this – adds the actor – because I know that the convent of the Capuchin Friars of Bassano del Grappa is at risk of closure and because I really hope that this does not happen.”
And again yesterday evening, continuing the “VIP” trend started by Paulo Coelho, the video-testimony of Jean Alesi, the former Ferrari driver in Formula 1 whose historic visit to Bassano again in 2014 when at the Civic Museum, at the invitation of Gianfranco and the Aquila family, he came to talk about his friend in life and opponent on the track Ayrton Senna.
Alesi, former shareholder of Aquila and Elmo & Montegrappa, wanted to express his thoughts on “a moment of great concern to send an important message to those who have faith and those who believe” but “above all for a person who is no longer with whom I had a lot of respect, Gianfranco Aquila.”
“I’m here – the French champion testifies in the video – to send the very important message of saving the convent of the Friars of Bassano. Thank you very much and I really hope that this message is taken with great seriousness.”

And then…Allons enfants! From France to Brazil, the big names urge us not to let go to ensure that the Capuchin Friars of Margnan remain on the banks of the Brenta.
The game is difficult and the Chapter will decide: but like any self-respecting Fratinovela, there may still be chapters.

News: Allons children |