New in theaters: Don’t Worry Darling and Rumba la vie

Don’t Worry Darling (Don’t worry darling) – Psychological thriller – 122 minutes.

Directed by Olivia Wilde. With Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.

In the 1950s, a housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that the latter’s prestigious business is hiding disturbing secrets.

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Rumba life – Comedy – 102 minutes.

Directed by Franck Dubosc. With Franck Dubosc and Louna Espinosa.

Tony is a bus driver in his fifties. Shaken by a heart attack, he decides one day to find his daughter whom he abandoned 20 years earlier. When he discovers that she is a dance teacher in Paris, he enrolls in her class. Since she has never seen him, he decides to act incognito and not reveal his true identity right away. He thus hopes to get closer to her and perhaps, eventually, make up for lost time.
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Robust – Comedy-drama – 95 minutes.

Directed by Constance Meyer. With Gérard Depardieu and Déborah Lukumuena.

Georges, an aging movie star, has very specific habits which he finds it difficult to deviate from and an awkward character which often causes friction with those around him. When Lalou, his right arm and only companion, has to be absent for several weeks, he finds a replacement in the person of Aïssa, a young 34-year-old security guard who loves her job. The disillusioned actor and his new bodyguard will develop a special relationship that will allow them to become better human beings.
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305 Bellechasse: In the intimacy of the workshops – Documentary – 104 minutes.

Directed by Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer.

A former Catelli pasta factory, located at the confluence of Petite-Patrie, Mile-End and Little Italy, has over time become the refuge of many renowned artists, an important place of creation for contemporary painting. Montrealer. Chance encounters, proximity and exchanges enrich their respective work. But real estate speculation caused the eviction of artists from their studios, making their practice precarious. Fight to create, create to fight: this documentary opens the door to these inspiring places, which will soon no longer be so. A journey into the spirit of creation, despite everything.


Picture from the movie 305 Bellechasse


Eternal Springs – Documentary – 86 minutes.

Directed by Jason Loftus.

In the face of government slander and human rights abuses targeting their spiritual practice, a group of Chinese activists enact a bold and perilous plan to hijack state television.


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Blonde – Biographical drama – 167 minutes.

Directed by Andrew Dominik With Ana de Armas and Adrien Brody.

This fictional portrait of Marilyn Monroe boldly reimagines the Hollywood legend’s tumultuous private life…and the price of her stardom.


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Avatar – Sci-Fi Adventures – 162 minutes (Remastered version from 2009)

Directed by James Cameron. With Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver.

After the death of his twin brother, soldier Jake Scully travels to Pandora, a remote mineral-rich planet, to take his place in an extremely delicate scientific experiment. Jake, who is paraplegic, will be placed in the body of a Na’Vi, the native people of the planet, so that he can be admitted to them. Jake will have to learn the customs while informing the mercenaries who wish to relocate them. He also meets Neytiri, who takes him under his wing. Their complicity grows as Jake gets to know the Na’Vi and the human exploiters grow impatient.
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New in theaters: Don’t Worry Darling and Rumba la vie