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The remembered Naren Daryanani has worked in several productions, however, his role as Federico in Parents and children left a mark on the memory of millennials who today are happy for his return and to Colombian productions. The life story of the 90’s heartthrob has had major mishaps, such as the loss of a testicle that led him almost to death, losing 18 kilos in 12 days, going from weighing 78 to 45 kilos. He even confessed for the program “I know everything”, that they possibly did witchcraft to him, because he had fractures, a dog tore off a piece of his finger, a biceps fell off, among other evils.
We interviewed him, to get to know this more mature and experienced Naren who returned to his country:

1. What do you consider to have been your greatest achievement and what your greatest failure?

My greatest achievement has been getting ahead after 10 complicated years of my life; having evolved as a human being and having recovered my health and in every way. And now all my energy has changed and I’m back at 100%.
My biggest failure is that I tended to leave things for later: later I save, then I invest, later I get judicious; a huge mistake that brought me terrible consequences and failures, from which I have already learned.

2. What are you afraid of?

After passing, therefore, I am afraid of not having health or having a complicated health problem.

3. What motivated you to return to Colombia?

The desire to were long ago; what happens is that when he was going to be able to do it, the social outbreak began in Chile, which lasted almost 7 months and then the pandemic began; so I was trapped by the closed borders. I missed out on participating in MasterChef 2021, I missed out on some great castings for Caracol; now that everything has been possible I am with excellent energy, very happy to be back.

4. What is a normal day like in Naren?

A normal day and it is not work and we are calm, because it is to organize the house, do shopping, errands, I like to listen to music, share with a friend, with my mother and my brother. I am resuming the exercise and waiting for some good projects that come in December.

5. What goals do you have for this return to the country?

Start my career, go back to doing what I love, what I’m passionate about, acting and art in general; start spreading and broadcasting now that I’m back on social networks, reactivating because I’m very lost. I am doing some courses on spirituality, personal growth, Mindfulness, what it is to live in the moment and take advantage of it to even change
situations and emotional intelligence. An introspective process that allows me to transmit, help others and grow in my career.

6. Tell us 3 things that few of us know about Naren Daryanani

-The spiritual part of now and personal growth, I am very involved with that; It’s not that I’m a fanatic, but they are things that should be in every thought, you have to practice and change and evolve as a human being.

-I have been very sporty, but people know that; Maybe now I’m going to start to venture into music, I love it, I want to make some little converts and make videos, as well as playing and enjoying myself.

A third thing is that I am very healthy, I am very carrot and very homemade

7. What was the best and worst thing about being out of the country?

Travel, meet new cultures, people; It went very well for me and in general it was complicated with the social outbreak, the pandemic, the fact of being half alone; but it went very well for me and the people with me wonderful and everyone I can not complain. The bad thing was that I lost a lot of work here, a lot of good opportunities and that I needed Colombia

8. Send a message for those people who are afraid to start over

It is something that you have to do from time to time, life forces you; It is not about making decisions, you simply have to do it, with courage and be with God. The game of life, I think it’s really one against one and if you can help each other from the sides, it’s wonderful. I know that it is not easy, starting is complicated, but it is not so difficult to forget attitudes either; so you have to look for new horizons and it’s never too late to start.

Keep reinventing yourself and trying to improve all the time in all physical, mental and spiritual aspects, the three powers as best as possible, it is never too late that you do your part and you never forsake it.

9. What would you like us to tell our public about you or a new project you have?

I arrived more than two months ago and there is a very good possibility that it is not confirmed yet, but well we cannot say that yet. What is confirmed is that I will be in the second season of “Primate” there is a very cool character, a super cool surprise that enters the story very strongly; so I am very happy, very blessed with that, the patch with the actors and the colleagues with whom I am going to resume acting is wonderful.

Naren Daryanani, returns stronger » Al Poniente