Music therapy in palliative care

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Music therapy in palliative care. October 1st at 5.30 pm at CreamCafè in Genoa. “Sound passages”, experiential encounter.

Music therapy in palliative care. Organized by Death Cafe Braccialetti Bianchi ODV.

Braccialetti Bianchi ODV is a voluntary association that operates in palliative care departments and responds with volunteers and integrative medicine operators to the spiritual and existential needs of patients and their families.

It is present in the “Maria Chighine” hospice of the San Martino Polyclinic and in the “Guscio dei Bimbi” of Gaslini.

With Braccialetti Bianchi “Con Te”, since 2020, she is committed to accompanying patients and family members in the Genoese territory at home and at a distance. She is a member of the Palliative Care Federation.

Among the many cultural initiatives promoted by the Braccialetti Bianchi are the recurring appointments of the Death Cafe, “coffee of death”.

These meetings are open to all people who want to drink tea or coffee or a glass of wine and discuss death.

The Death Cafes of the Braccialetti Bianchi started five years ago, on the model of the most popular Death Cafes in England, France and the United States.

As in the foreign experiences, they have been organized within premises or spaces in the historic center of Genoa.

An Englishman Jon Underwood, inspired by the studies of the Swiss anthropologist Bernard Crettaz, launched Death Cafe around the world.

Death Cafe’s job is to raise awareness of death in order to live your life more fully.

Monica Zancani, President of the White Bracelets, recalls:

“The goal of Death Cafè is to talk about death, to clear this theme by transforming it in our hearts and minds from taboo to the only certain stage of our life, and this without seeking or giving answers concerning the afterlife, without prejudices or automatic superstitious rituals but with curiosity and openness.

The aim is to free the theme of death from its kit of unawareness and fear, to better live the present, so as to have fewer regrets at the end of life. Talking about death helps you to fully live your existence. “

The next Death Cafe Braccialetti Bianchi ODV appointment will be Saturday 1 October 2022 – Sound passages: Music therapy in palliative care – by and with Davide Ferrari at the CreamCafè (Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 72 – Genoa).

An experiential meeting dedicated to the use of music as a therapeutic support in the field of palliative care and end of life, through the use of techniques from Western models associated with practices and theories reworked from traditional extra-European cultures.

The introductory meeting is open to all and offers the opportunity to learn about part of the effects of the music therapy discipline applied to an extreme context such as that of the terminal patient and its effects on the emotional, physical and cognitive system.

Davide Ferrari, music therapist, works in hospitals with cancer patients, adults and children, in palliative care and other pathologies.

University teacher and in Music Therapy schools, researcher in the ethnomusical field, multi-instrumental musician, he is president of the Echo Art Association, director of the Mediterranean Music Festival and curator of the music section of the Museum of World Cultures at the D’Albertis Castle in Genoa .

A Death Cafe meeting has neither programs nor pre-established objectives, it is animated by one or more facilitators who have the task of dealing with the theme of death from an angle that comes from their professional and life experiences.

Psychotherapists, novelists, thanatologists, spiritual companions, doctors, actors and many other people with a particular eye on this phase of our existence.

There is always an introduction by the facilitators useful to favor the comparison which is the real heart of the meeting.

It is a situation in which the speech deals with issues related to death, raised by the individual participants.

Participation is open to all. You can ask for small free offers at the entrance to cover the organization costs.

The groups are transversal with respect to the existential faiths and convictions.

To register for the meeting it is necessary to send an email to the address

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Music therapy in palliative care