May God help us 7, the press conference: plot, cast, speeches

The new episode of the drama is eagerly awaited for Sister Angela’s exit from the scene.

The press conference is scheduled for Tuesday 10 January, from 12:00 God help us 7. The fiction is back on the air on Thursday 12 January, in prime time on Rai 1. The new episodes are eagerly awaited due to the farewell of Sister Angelaplayed by Elena Sofia Ricci. More and more protagonist, however, is Azure, novice who has the face of Francesca Chillemi. The meeting is attended by Director Rai Fiction Maria Pia Admire yourself. With her Luca And Matilde Bernabei of the production company Lux Vide. The director is present Francis Vicar. Finally, the cast intervenes, that is Elena Sofia Ricci, Francesca Chillemi, Valeria Fabrizi And Pierpaolo Spollon.

May God help us 7 press conference, the first statements

The press conference of God help us 7 begins with a clip of presentation of the new appointments, which also shows the new entry Elena D’Amario. Take the floor Maria Pia Admire yourself: “Today we present one of the top of the range. Among the many beauties of the series, the fact of presenting a new, broad and inclusive family model stands out. All are on the same level. It is a great fairy tale set in the concrete, which has an extraordinary lightness of storytelling. If the public continues to follow the events after 12 years, it means that we have been able to intercept real changes”.

Goes on Luca Bernabei: “May God help us is a caress for the soul, which tells the world of feelings with lightness, truth and serenity. The convent is a place where making mistakes is less dangerous because there is always someone ready to lend you a hand. Sister Angela was wonderful, she brought so much of herself and over time she became the nun par excellence”. A very long applause starts for Elena Sofia Ricci. The producer continues: “Francesca Chillemi has grown up here with us, helped by the fact that she has acted with great artists, such as Valeria Fabrizi”. Bernabei confirms that Pierpaolo Spollon is the new male protagonist of the fiction.

The press conference of God help us 7 goes on with the words of Matilde Bernabei: “The international success is also due, in large part, to the themes of the extended family and hospitality. The title was sold in the USA, in many countries of South America and Europe”. Leonardo Ferrara Of Rai Fiction adds: “In the plot there is a mix of feelings, which grows with great truth and innovation. There are very good new entries and support for the main characters. Spollon is our Hugh Grant“.

May God help us 7 press conference Maria Pia Ammirati

The words of the director and the cast

In the press conference of God help us 7 the director intervenes Francis Vicar, which presents the new entrances: “Among the new entries, Fiorenza Pieri stands out, a rigid teacher who enters the convent for personal reasons and then chooses to stay. The character of her, a bit of an antagonist, created a fun dynamic. Then there’s Emma Valente, who gives the lawyer Ludovica the face, which changes a lot during the episodes. Ileana D’Ambra is the one most in difficulty, she takes herself very seriously and makes us both entertain and move. Finally, Federica Pagliaroli figures in the Sara series. She has a very important part emotionally: she enters the narrative universe in a dramatic way, to escape from something that I can’t anticipate ”.

The press conference of God help us 7 continue with the words of the cast. Elena Sofia Ricci: “The series treats spirituality in a deeply human way. Sister Angela has the ability to relate in a mystical way through her dialogues with God who, at the end of each episode, throws us into a sea of ​​questions. Fiction makes you laugh, cry and think. My character, in this edition, will be a little less, but occasionally he is interested in her girls. She combines one of her own and is sent back to prison, where she helps women with children in the penitentiary. I am happy and proud to have made room for Francesca Chillemi, who in recent years has become an increasingly talented and sensitive actress. When I work with her I am able to express skills that I have never had. It’s never easy to leave a series, so who knows…”.

Elena Sofia Ricci

God help us 7 press conference, the other actors

The press conference of God help us 7 Go on Francesca Chillemi: “Azzurra, in the convent, discovered that she loves and is loved. In these seven seasons you have faced a path of growth. I have not felt the weight of the passing of the baton from Elena Sofia Ricci. It all happened very naturally.” Valeria Fabrizi: “I am happy to be part of this extended family. Sister Costanza is always the same: good-natured and grouchy. I hope to be part of the continuation of the production”.

Pierpaolo Spollon: “I am the blue share. The shooting lasted 8 months: for me it was a gestation (laughs). Many thanks to Valeria Fabrizi, who has a wonderful component of lightness and improvisation“. Florence Pieri: “In addition to the happiness of becoming part of this beautiful series, I felt the risk of making my debut as a new nun. Obviously I’m not taking anyone’s place, but I’m a new element. Initially I’m a bit obnoxious and rigid. With Francesca Chillemi we found a beautiful scenic game”.

In the press conference of God help us 7 reporters’ questions begin. To Elena Sofia Ricci the reasons that led her to abandon fiction are asked: “I’m allergic to repetitiveness. I have to continually raise the bar and challenge myself with new experiences. I’ve never resisted so much in a series: I usually stopped at the third or fourth season. I loved Sister Angela very much and it was very difficult for me to leave her”. Maria Pia Admire yourself comments on the realism between the real Church and the message that the fiction launches: “The product is a comedy, it would be inappropriate to include such complex themes. We refer more to the spirit of the parish“.

May God help us 7 parterre press conference

The last questions

Questions from fellow journalists continue. In the press conference of God help us 7 there is talk of a possible return for Sofia Ricci, who reveals: “The word end, in life, can be put on and taken away“. The actress then recounts the sensations she experienced on the last day of filming: “The last scene of this series coincides with the last close-up I shot. We were inside the church and they played a joke on me: they played the theme song and they all entered the building to greet me. I burst into tears there and never stopped.” The press conference ends here God help us 7.

May God help us 7, the press conference: plot, cast, speeches