Mauricio Islas and Valentino Lanús were favorite gallants of youth soap operas: photos to remember it

among the many soap opera hunks that stole millions of hearts in the nineties, without a doubt, the Mexican actors stand out Mauritius Islands Y Valentino Lanus.

Stars began their careers in soap operas around this time and quickly they became audience favorites thanks to his talent, charisma and physical attractiveness.

Since its glory days, more than 20 years have passed. Each one took different directions in their trajectory, but both are still valid in the memory of the public with his work in his youth.

The photos of Mauricio Islas and Valentino Lanús that will make you remember why they were favorite leading men of youth soap operas

Therefore, below, we collect some photos that will remind you why this pair of actors became the favorites of soap operas in his youth:

Mauritius Islands

The heartthrob born in Mexico City debuted in melodramas with a participation in the successful telenovela Carousel of the Americas (1992) when he was 19 years old.

From that moment on, the young heartthrob continued unstoppably chaining leading roles in one production after another in which he captivated everyone with his artistic gifts and his gallantry.

magical youth (1992-1993), Start over (1994-1995), poor little rich girl (1995-1996), Me Dear Isabel (1996-1997), Precious (1998) and Gypsy Love (1999) are novels in which he acted.

At the beginning of the third millennium, he continued unbeatably conquering with his performances in successful productions, such as You are my Destiny (2000), the spring (2001-2002), Real love (2003).

Since then, the artist has not stopped reaping successes on television and cinema. He has left the role of heartthrob, although he still looks incredible, and accepted other roles with which he has shone.

Currently, Islas is 49 years old and is in force in the middle. Tape Danger in your eyes (2021), the series Maria Felix (2022) and the novel The woman of my life are his most recent projects.

Valentino Lanus

At the age of 22, the actor made his television debut with a role in Maria Isabel (1997). It didn’t take long for his career to take off and become one of the most beloved leading men.

Between the late 1990s and the early 2000s, Lanús was part of the main cast of successful projects where he drew sighs and stuck in the heart of the public.

First love at a thousand an hour (2000), The game of life (2001), Love again (2003), innocent of you (2004), Dawn (2005) and fools don’t go to heaven (2008) are novels in which he shone.

After his performance in Brave love (2012), the actor moved away from soap operas. In the cinema, he said goodbye to the big screen two years later, after the premiere Why are men unfaithful?

After years of absence, in which he dedicated himself to traveling and his spiritual growth far from the city, Valentino returned to acting as the protagonist of the telenovela Nothing personal in 2017.

However, his great return also marked his final goodbye. And it is that after leading this melodrama, He decided to withdraw definitively from the artistic medium.

On her reasons for leaving the world of entertainment forever, the luminary confessed that it was a person: her daughter Maria Magdalena, who was born in 2016.

Since then, Lanús has not only dedicated herself to raising her daughter with her partner. For some time now, also He chose to have a deeper life based on spirituality.

In order to achieve this desire, he left behind the world he knew to move to the jungle, where he began to train to be the spirit guide what is today

Nowadays, the renowned soap opera heartthrob is 47 years oldcarry a look quite different from the years of his youth and is living very happily with his family.

Mauricio Islas and Valentino Lanús were favorite gallants of youth soap operas: photos to remember it