“Mary encourages the laity to eradicate personal and social corruption,” says Bishop Collar – Nationals – ABC Color

SAN JUAN BAPTISTA, Misiones. “Mary encourages the laity to eradicate personal and social corruption,” said the Bishop of Misiones and Ñeembucú, Monsignor Pedro Collar Noguera. It was during the concelebrated mass in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption that was celebrated this Monday in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of this city.

Mgr Pedro Noguera Necklace pointed out that human beings are exposed from the condition of vulnerability to give in to an incitement that is imposed above ethical principles and values.

“Hence the desire for dominance, the lack of dialogue, of transparency, the forms of double life, spiritual emptiness, psychological weaknesses and that it is land in which corruption thrives in the daily life of existing”, he pointed out.

Monsignor Collar officiated the mass accompanied by the parish priest of Our Lady of the Assumption, Father louis decoud and numerous priests of this city.

The bishop focused on the subject: “Mary, model and prototype of lay spirituality. The laity and Mary as a model of lay experience”.

He exhorted the laity to a Christian and Marian coexistence based on a personal encounter with Jesus through Mary in order to counteract the x-ray of the acts of corruption and added that social and personal corruption responds to the desire to dominate power, tyranny, the easy life, selfish enjoyment at the cost of everything to appropriate the resources of others, especially the most vulnerable.

He also underlined that Mary also encourages the laity to strengthen humility and tenderness that reveals together with the paternal face of God who calls all men with a love infinitely greater than the mother for her own child.

Likewise, he pointed out that tenderness as a revolution must eradicate the hardness of the heart of stone, just as Escequiel had expressed. He added that a revolution of tenderness is conducive to tearing down wallsstones, self-centeredness, rigidity, among other undervalues ​​established by human beings to break bonds of brotherhood.

“Before that, he says Pope Francisco, Tenderness is flexibility, permeability, openness of heart, availability to change and it is constituted as a concrete face that becomes benevolence and kindness in favor of building bridges between the various social actors”, said Collar Noguera.

The religious stressed that the Virgin Mary encourages the laity to a spirituality as an expression of love, a Marian spiritual development which is expressed first of all by growing in fraternal and merciful love.

The bishop also asked to respect life, the environment, the common home and understand the interdependence between everyone and with everyone. He exhorted come out in defense of life and seek the good of others.

“The Christian faith has the responsibility to defend life in all its forms and promote a culture of respect, acceptance, dialogue and encounter with all brothers and sisters who are going through situations of pain and uncertainty,” said Monsignor Collar Noguera. .

In another passage of his homily he asked for prayer so that there are more vocations for the present and the future for the Diocese and the country.

He advocated the ardent commitment to continue making the Synodal Church possible and sustainable and outgoing, without borders in order to recover the human dignity of men and women. “May the love of God reign forever in the heart of each one and of all humanity, she concluded.

After mass, the faithful participated in the procession of the sacred image of the Virgin Our Lady of the Assumption through the main streets of San Juan, adjacent to the temple of Our Lady of the Assumption.

“Mary encourages the laity to eradicate personal and social corruption,” says Bishop Collar – Nationals – ABC Color