Martha of Norway breaks the mold and marries the shaman: who he is and where they met

The heart is not commanded, even if it is that of a Princess. She knows it well Martha Louise of Norwaywho three years after the tragic suicide of her ex-husband Ari Behn, announced the engagement with the shaman Durek. Not frowned upon by many in Norway, he sees himself as a star guru, and even Gwyneth Paltrow is one of his clients. Martha Louise has always defended him from press attacks, and she has now announced that she is ready to marry him.

Princess Martha Luise of Norway has found love again

Six years after her divorce from writer Ari Behn (who committed suicide in 2019), the Princess Martha Luise of Norway announced that she was ready for hers second wedding: “I am very happy to announce my engagement with the shaman Durek, the only man who can make my heart beat, the one who sees my full potential in me, the one who makes me laugh and with whom I can let myself go. Love transcends and makes us grow. And I am happy to continue growing with this wonderful man “.

With these words the Princess announced the wedding, not entirely unexpected, but averted by many. Indeed, according to the Norwegian press, the shaman Durek would not be a true professional, but he would be interested in something else, and in recent years it has often pilloried him in the media. Martha Luise, very much in love with her, has always defended him, and now she is ready to say yes.

Da Palazzo let it be known that King Harald of Norway and Queen Sonja wish the couple the best, and hopefully the newspapers will placate their mud machine once and for all.

Who is the shaman Durek and how the couple met

The couple met after the death of her ex-husband by Martha Luise, when the woman came very close to spirituality.

“It is not up to you to judge me,” the Princess had already said in the past. “I don’t choose a man to please others”. She had then recounted how she, having an affair with a black man, she had opened her eyes to white supremacyon racismand on always taking one’s rights for granted.

Durek is a very famous overseas species, where it is a real one guru of the stars. In fact, his clients even include Gwyneth Paltrow.

Who is Princess Martha Louise of Norway

Martha Louise of Norway she is one of those royals who usually do not cause a sensation, do not crowd the magazine covers and do not make people talk about themselves. Yet, the Princess, 50 years old and three daughtersin recent years, despite herself, it has often ended up on the covers of newspapers.

Fourth in line of succession (the heir to the throne is Prince Haakon) she is the daughter of King Harald of Norway and Queen Sonja. After marrying the Danish writer in 2002 Ari Behnand having given birth to three daughters, Maud Angelica, 18, Leah Isadora, 16, and Emma Tallulah, 13, the couple announced the divorce in 2016after fourteen years of marriage.

In 2019, however, Ari Behn He committed suicide, upsetting Norway and the Royal Family. The writer had declared two years earlier that he was suffering from a mental illness, and had accused the American actor of harassment Kevin Spacey.

Since her divorce to date, the Princess has been very much at the center of media attention, also for her relationship with her future husband Durek.

Martha of Norway breaks the mold and marries the shaman: who he is and where they met