Maduro’s economic model is much older than sanctions and the oil blockade

Maduro’s economic model has not only been economic; It implied, from the beginning, political changes and social conduct, that is, changes in the spirituality of the Chavista masses, in the mass that now serves as the electoral base for Maduro and Madurismo. With Chávez dead, flirting with businessmen and cheating with the cheap dollar, the preferential dollar, began, from which both government bureaucrats and their friends and businessmen benefited. Later on there was an unusual stimulus to consumption and, by caroms, to speculation with the “buy and sell” of common people, the so-called “dakaso”, the sale of credit card quotas, the stimulus from the presidency to petty-bourgeois middle class way of life, to consumerism among the lower classes, the likes of which had never been seen in the country; a clientelist democracy began to be installed again.

The destruction of PDVSA was necessary to begin the restoration of bourgeois democracy. Ending PDVSA meant paralyzing the revolution, dismantling the main and last Chavista stronghold of the government, the space where Chávez’s socialism was forged for a long time, with experiences of volunteering, political training, cooperative work like no other in the government of Chávez, in addition to having been the material and administrative support of many of the socialist programs: mission sucre, mission ribas, mission housing, mission conscience!, pdval, pdvsa agricultural, pdvsa industrial, a pdvsa overloaded with responsibilities fighting against the internal trend to bureaucratism, to “nuisance”, to laziness and corruption throughout the public administration (except for the exceptional cases that always occur and occurred in that same area).

But Chávez assassinated, socialism was also assassinated. The moralizing Chavista trend was reversed suddenly with Maduro, supporting and encouraging the easy life and the so-called “private initiative”, thieves and nouveau riche from the state bureaucracy. Long before the so-called sanctions and the blockade, the first excuse was the unification and pacification of the country, conciliation with the conspirators, hence Chavismo was demobilized, “pacified”, and turned into an inert, politically passive mass, They bought their loyalty in their personal desires with easy profit, while a good portion of opportunists got rich and continues to get rich up to now.

Personal and then oil sanctions, the so-called economic blockade appeared in 2018, and it is operated selectively. It is not explained how they can import so many products from Europe and the United States and sell them freely in “macro stores” such as “Forum”, and in the so-called bodegones, with sanctions and economic blockades. The blockade is oil because that is what the United States, the main operator of the economic blockade, wants to take the oil; control over our industry, have exclusive and free access to our oil, as it is doing now with Chevron and other North American companies. But, parallel to this, in secret, there is a conspiracy against the revolution, trying to destroy Chávez’s Constitution in order to restore the fourth republic, the past but with new actors, “nouveau riche” from the underworld of marginal lumpen opportunism. ; with a new rising class coming out of the madurista bureaucracy (which has nothing to do with Chávez or with socialism).

This restoration of the past was planned long before Chávez was assassinated, if not, the speed with which the Plan de la Patria was falsified (adulterated with liberalism) is not explained, in the same year 2013, the electoral year when Maduro won the elections. ; or the speed with which Maduro summons the businessmen in Miraflores, Lorenzo Mendoza, Oswaldo Cisneros, including, with the apology that “we all fit in Venezuela” (exploiters, speculators, thieves and workers, each on their own, fulfilling the social role of always within the botched capitalism of Maduro). The oil blockade and sanctions are an excuse to restore the past and get the capitalist world to accept that Maduro and his associates rule capitalism in his name.

On the other hand, the attack on the currency has not impoverished in any way, nor has it made it difficult to enrich businessmen, bankers and the “revolutionary bourgeoisie” (new rich madurismo), nor has it anything to do with speculation and inflation inflicted by merchants on products; commercial and speculative capitalism in Venezuela is thriving! We are the most expensive country in the world and with the cheapest labor force! The perfect ideal for attracting investment! Which is what Maduro’s “new economic model” is looking for, namely: making Venezuela a huge maquila , his personal idea of ​​a “power country”.

Class consciousness! Socialist conscience!, if we want to save the homeland.


Maduro’s economic model is much older than sanctions and the oil blockade