Madeleine Yao, President of the Platform of Faithful Leaders: “We must instill in every Ivorian the value of peace”

Madeleine Yao, President of the Platform of Faithful Leaders

The Platform of Faithful Leaders for Peace, Reconciliation, Social Cohesion and Development (Plcrd) commemorated on Tuesday, December 15, 2022, in Abidjan, the National Day of Peace.

Madeleine Yao, president of the Plcrd, initiated a caravan that criss-crossed different municipalities of Abidjan, to convey messages of social cohesion to the populations. After the launch of this caravan, in Koumassi, this caravan crisscrossed the municipalities of Marcory, Treichville, Plateau, Adjamé, Yopougon and Abobo.

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It was in a friendly atmosphere that Madeleine Yao spoke during the various stops, particularly in the markets, to the vendors, urging them in particular to cultivate daily living together, good understanding. “Today is a day dedicated to the celebration of peace. This is a very important event for us insofar as peace is a commodity consumed by everyone. Peace is a prerequisite for the process of life and development. »

“The symbolism attached to this celebration, for us, is that all segments of the population are touched by the message of peace. We, we organized this caravan whose objective is to meet the little people. We wanted to explain to all these people to whom we go, that peace is first built with oneself, before it becomes a social pact that guarantees living together.

“We must instill in every Ivorian the value of peace and the consequences of unrest. That’s why we roam the markets and large gathering places, to explain to Ivorians that it is we who must be at their level, the vehicle of peace. We take this opportunity to draw everyone’s attention to the need to be tolerant, to accept others as they are. We are also taking the opportunity to explain to the people that our habits and customs are a guarantee of peace. Unfortunately, they are ignored or not exploited enough, “she explained to the press.

“This is why we are accompanied on this tour by customary leaders and religious guides, to also promote the spiritual in the quest for peace. Because it is God who inspires peace. And this, the religious guides must be able to teach us so that our daily behavior is imbued with peace. As for customary chiefs, they must also guarantee peace, avoiding being partisan, divisive, intriguing or being inhabited by the policy of divide and conquer”, she continued.

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After which, she sent a message to the political actors. “Let the political actors know that it is peace that can allow them to govern with serenity, to implement their program. Let us therefore guarantee peace in our country,” urged Madeleine Yao.

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Madeleine Yao, President of the Platform of Faithful Leaders: “We must instill in every Ivorian the value of peace” – AFRIK SOIR