Lucca Comics and Games 2022: Press Cafè with Atsushi Ohkubo, manga creator of Soul Eater and Fire Force

During this fantastic edition of Lucca Comics and Games, Planet Manga he kindly invited us to the maestro’s press conference Atsushi Ohkuboone of the most important guests of this year’s event.

Atsushi Ohkubo is the very young mangaka behind two very successful works such as Soul Eater And Fire Force, both series available in Italy thanks to Planet. In the hour that Maestro Ohkubo dedicated to the press, we had the honor of being able to ask for some curiosity extremely interesting about his career and his works that we share with you today in this article.

Ohkubo Lucca Comics 2022

“Why a manga about firefighters?”

The first question that is addressed to the master Ohkubo concerns his latest work Fire Force and it is often the first that comes to mind when reading the manga.

In the vast world of shonen modern there are many heroes and for this reason we want to search “something new“For his work,”heroes close to us“. Hence the idea of ​​using the figure of firemanheroic but at the same time real people in our daily life that the sensei confesses to us admire a lot.

“What impact did the theme of Ecology have in the creation of Fire Force?”

Speaking of fires and firefighters it was inevitable that a direct thought to the environmental problems of our contemporaneity characterized the writing of this work. In fact, the master Ohkubo does not deny that phenomena such as the climate warming they fires are things that scare, just like “incendiary“Of his manga.

At the same time, however, he is keen to emphasize that even the flames in his work are not just a negative power.

“Regarding this positive impact, he is happy to see that his work influences the kids who read it as theepisode some time ago where a Japanese boy foiled a fire inspired by Fire Force? “

Yes, I am very happy with this“.


“Another distinctive feature of Fire Force is the presence of a powerful organization in the form of a religious cult, did you take inspiration from reality to create it?”

About the cult of the Sacred Sol sensei Ohkubo confesses that he was inspired by the mentality and culture of his country.

In many other manga and in many stories the “Kami“Play a fundamental role and even in everyday life in Japan, spirituality conditions many life practices. This is why he wanted to insert this narrative medium as well as the central actor of the events in Fire Forceemphasizing that with regard to the cult of the Sacred Sol “there is no negative idea“.

“Going instead into the specifics of the work, how is such a particular character as Tamaki born?”

A question to which the sensei confesses to “not having thought about it much“.

Tamaki probably for him it represents “the common person“Compared to the rest of the cast, a normal human being ready to fight for what he believes in, extremely easy to empathize.

“Is Fire Force conditioned by Soul Eater?”

Absolutely yes“.

Writing Soul Eater Ohkubo tells us that he specifically chose the theme of the importance of life. On the contrary, however, in his subsequent work this point of view is overturned, placing the concept of “death“.

“A curiosity about Soul Eater, how was Excalibur born?

In Soul Eater, weapons play a central role and therefore could not be missing the most famous weapon in the world. The moment in which the sensei Ohkubo comes into contact with this legendary sword, who confesses to us fascinates him from the experience of him as a gamer of Dragon Quest.

Soul eater Ohkubo

“What do you think of the work of the mangaka instead?”

Not much has changed since my debut: I work, I come home and I sleep” He tells us Ohkubo remaining in the full stereotype that we have of the mangaka dedicated to his work. For him it is now a job “tiring but regular”And he considers himself a guy who doesn’t let himself be destroyed by work.

This trip to Italy, however, has rested him a lot.

“What were the pleasures and difficulties of writing Soul Eater and Fire Force? His favorite characters instead? “

“DDraw Black Star against Mifune and Arthur against DragonAre the two things that the sensei remember with more pleasure.

Among his favorite characters he inserts Benimaru, Arthur And Black Star of which he appreciates their way of doing “always direct“.
Difficult things, on the other hand, he says he has them completely removed.

Arthur Fire Force

“In both Fire Force and Soul Eater we have a mix of dark atmospheres, irony and ecchi scenes, how does this mix come about?”

Citing the teacher as a point of reference for his career ToriyamaOhkubo always wants “entertain the audience“.

To do this he believes that it is necessary to create a right mix of all these components. A story with dark colors but which also knows how to have a bit of irony and nice characters.

“Madness, on the other hand, seems to be at the center of both works, are you fascinated by it?”

In all of them there is a bit of madness, an instinct to hurt“.

The sensei tells us that, addressing an adult audience, themes such asagitation and theinsecurity to be are the basis of many characters in his works. Also there folly plays a very important role. An emotion that frightens but which is also essential for us human beings, “without madness we would freeze in front of everything“.

“A few years ago he confessed that Fire Force would be his last work, is that still the case?”

Soul Eater had made me say the same thing too”He tells us laughing. In reality Ohkubo is still undecided on what to do and leaves us with a joke (or maybe not) about the fact that it will probably resume with the arrival of automatic machines capable of drawing.

Lucca Comics and Games 2022: Press Cafè with Atsushi Ohkubo, manga creator of Soul Eater and Fire Force 5

The chat with Master Ohkubo was really nice. In the hour spent with the press he showed a lot available and interested in our curiosities and he very much appreciated Italy’s welcome towards him.

We thank once again Planet Manga And Lucca Comics for having granted us the honor of being able to listen to the words of sensei Ohkubo in the wonderful experience of the Lucca fair and for giving us the opportunity to also bring back to our readers curiosities and interesting anecdotes about the creator of Soul Eater And Fire Force.

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