On the proposal of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, the mayor of Lourdes, Thierry Lavit, was named today, in the Official Journal, Knight of the National Order of Merit. The National Order of Merit aims to honor committed French citizens. It rewards distinguished merits acquired either in a public, civil or military function, or in the exercise of a private activity.

This distinction rewards in particular the 36 years of commitment of Thierry Lavit to the service of others, who after having been a caregiver for 34 years at the Lourdes hospital was elected mayor of the Marian city on July 5, 2020. His associative, sporting career and citizen was highlighted, as was his political commitment, which began in 1993.

Areas and experiences in which he has always advocated the values ​​that underpin the republican pact and cement the nation. Values ​​that still and always constitute its current commitments, namely: the Republic, civic values, respect for others and the fundamental rules of community life. His deep-rooted republicanism strongly influenced his political structure. Thierry Lavit also says to himself “Republican forever, beyond political divisions.”

Elected in a context of unprecedented health, economic, social and societal crisis, Thierry Lavit has, from the start of his mandate, worked tirelessly with institutional and private partners to avoid a collapse of the Lourdes destination and build new momentum in based on an innovative project: the “Lourdes Heart of the Pyrenees” project.

At his invitation, Mr. Emmanuel Macron was the first Head of State to go to Lourdes on an official visit on July 16, 2021. The President of the Republic initiated the Lourdes 2030 Future Plan there requested by the Mayor of Lourdes. This Plan was co-constructed in consultation with the city of Lourdes, the State services, all the institutional tourism partners, the Sanctuary and socio-professionals. This Plan was launched in February 2022 by Mr. Jean Castex, Prime Minister, who came specially to Lourdes.

On March 18, 2022, Thierry Lavit went to the Vatican to Pope Francis to officially invite him to visit the Marian city and present to him the future he aspires to for Lourdes; namely: to position Lourdes as City of Peace – Capital of Fraternity, in particular by organizing national and international meetings devoted to interreligious, spiritual, philosophical dialogue and political mediation, with the ultimate aim of working for appeasement of our society and to come to the aid of the republican base which preserves, via its constitutional principle, the authorization to have access to all convictions.

“I share this distinction and reward with all of my team of elected officials who have built the political project alongside me, and who work tirelessly every day to improve the quality of life for the residents of Lourdes and the influence of our city. I also share this distinction and reward with all the citizens of Lourdes and the actors of the territory who work for the future of Lourdes. I thank the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Occitanie Region Carole Delga, the President of the Hautes-Pyrénées Departmental Council Michel Pélieu, the President of the Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrénées Agglomeration Community Gérard Trémège, all committed to the side from the city
of Lourdes and its territory so that the Plan Avenir Lourdes is crowned with success. Together, we are working so that Lourdes and its Pyrenean territory benefit from this Plan, in a sustainable and virtuous way, in the general interest. Because Lourdes is more than a city. “ declared the Mayor of Lourdes when his appointment was announced.

Thierry Lavit will be presented with the National Order of Merit by a member of the government or by a member of the National Order of Merit or the Legion of Honor during an official ceremony, the date and place are not known. known to date.

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