Lou: A kidnapping, a storm and two women with a dark past in the Netflix movie

TOllison Janney And Jurnee Smollett are and protagonists of the Netflix movie Louan intense all-female thriller, with the two actresses engaged in roles that are new to them.

Comes on September 23 on Netflix the film Lou, a mix of thriller, action and drama. Directed by Anna Foerster, Lou it has a rather “simple” plot. In the midst of a storm, someone kidnaps a little girl. The mother then teams up with the mysterious woman next door to chase the kidnapper. But the journey will test their limits by exposing shocking secrets from their past.

Academy Award-winning actress Allison Janney and Emmy nominee Jurnee Smollett star in Lou, original Netflix film, alongside Logan Marshall-Green (the antagonist of the story) and Ridley Asha Bateman. The film is written by Maggie Cohn and Jack Stanley while the production is entrusted to JJ Abrams, Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen. Lou it is not only a film that rests on the shoulders of two great actresses but has also been made by a large group of women behind the scenes.

The two protagonists

Allison Janneythe actress who won an Oscar for playing Tonya Harding’s mother in the biopic Tonyait shows its harder side in Loua Netflix movie described as a cross between I will find you and John Wick. Janney plays Lou, the title character of the feature film. A former vigilante with a combative heart, Lou lives in a remote part of the United States. She and she are convinced that she has left her previous life and the dangers associated with it behind. But everything changes the day a young girl is kidnapped and her young mother Hannah (Jurnee Smollett) begs her to help her out.

“Lou is kind of a female Inspector Callaghan,” said Allison Janney, recalling the character played by Clint Eastwood. “She is a totally different role from the ones I have tried so far. I had to work closely with the doubles and action experts. I learned to fight and be convincing in the shoes of a woman marked by arrogance and violence ”.

The actress’s statement is not surprising: Lou, her character, is called to get justice with her own hands for a past that comes back to reckon with. “I thought I had done something good with my work. In truth, I left a world even more dangerous than it was before, ”says the voice of the actress in the trailer for the Netflix movie. Lou.

Louthe poster for the Netflix movie.

Lou it’s the first film I’ve produced, ”added the actress Jurnee Smollett. “The dual role of co-star and producer makes me see the project also with different eyes. I hope the film gives a boost to all those voices other than the choir who are trying to create inclusive stories with people who don’t normally find space in certain types of stories at the center.

“Hannah, the character I play in Lou (Netflix movie available worldwide September 23) is a young woman who lives with her daughter on Lou’s property, ”Smollett explained. “In the middle of the night, during a thunderstorm, she takes her daughter away from her and she turns to Lou for that reason. The research they face, however, is marked by the power that the past has over them ”.

“I did a lot of research on certain aspects of Hannah’s life, especially domestic violence,” Smollett pointed out. “I spent a lot of time at the Jenesse Center (a non-profit organization similar to Telefono Rosa, ed), run by the legendary Karen Earl. And here I met many abused women at home, lawyers and social workers who are truly doing God’s work. “

“Without spoiling much, what I like about Lou is that she is a somewhat enigmatic woman of a certain age,” echoed Allison Janney. “She lives in the San Juan Islands and has rented a trailer on her property to a single mom. Everyone tries to stay away from her, since she is not very friendly. She does have a sense of humor but she is also a woman of few words, which is why she is considered an almost scary figure ”.

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