Live a day of peace, spirituality and well

Stop for a moment, slow down your existence to really regain possession of it. It may be enough to isolate oneself, in many ways, even within the infernal mechanisms of the metropolis, in this case Rome, which pulsates and breathes, and in this often suffocating breath we are all inside. Take a day, every now and then and enjoy silence and yourself: sun, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, a massage and even a gym in a slower dimension. The day break hotel formula of which the A. Roma Lifestyle hotel in Rome a structure surrounded by the Casali Valley is avant-garde. Live an experience of comfort and luxury with the Day Use formula (but obviously not only), which allows access to the elegant rooms of the hotel and impeccable service. From morning to sunset for Roman clients or business guests, among other things, pampered by international cuisine for all budgets.

And just for the summer period the daily package for two people includes an elegant double room available from 10:00 to 18:00; a welcome drink based on multivitamin extract and fresh fruit; entrance to the outdoor pool and SPA. To finish with a tasty and healthy lunch of fresh dishes inspired by the Italian tradition on the panoramic terrace. It is possible to book a day stay, therefore without overnight stay, using all the services and the room in daytime, by going to the website or using the application, the platform that allows you to rent rooms and services of luxury hotels only during the day discounted. With an executive double room with access to the Spa and swimming pool from 10 am to 6 pm for 2 people in Rome costs 150 euros (parking included).

It all began no more than ten years ago, when the Taiwanese Nelson Chang decided to invest in an area where one of the many eco-monsters who had come up in the capital in recent decades had been located for some time. The recovery of the structure was complete, as was obviously the transformation of the area. The A.Roma Lifestyle hotel suddenly emerges, almost hidden. The structure was designed for business hospitality and for congresses, two almost twin buildings with redistribution of spaces, chosen for some time by Juventus in the retreats that precede the meetings with the two teams of the capital.


But the investment was not made only in Rome. LDC Hotels & Resorts boasts a collection currently made up of 6 luxurious hotels, period residences and relais, located in some of the most popular and evocative tourist destinations in Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, and in the provinces of Asti and Perugia. all the structures, from the period residence to the design hotel, have their own personality that reflects the cultural, artistic and landscape richness of the area in which they are located. LDC is the acronym for Luxury, Dreams, Culture “Luxury, Dreams and Culture”. Guests are welcomed in comfortable rooms where they can easily access a wide range of services: among them, refined restaurants offering selected dishes of Italian and international cuisine or the tranquility of luxurious SPAs surrounded by nature.
All hotels are owned and managed by LDC Hotels & Resorts based in Taiwan, a hotel group that already owns 14 hotels on the island and 6 accommodation facilities in Italy, for a total of 2,500 rooms, as well as numerous restaurants and venues for events. . Nelson Chang, owner of LDC Hotels & Resorts says: “On several occasions, many people have asked me why I decided to invest in Italy: the reason is more sentimental than economic … almost 50 years ago I arrived here as a student and I immediately fell in love with the enchanting landscapes of the Bel Paese, its long history, its wonderful culture and, above all, the warm friendship of its people. LDC’s investments in Italy therefore have not only a purely commercial purpose, but are inspired from a deep love for history, art and culture of hospitality! It all started with a family trip to Italy at the splendid Villa Monte Solare in Umbria … “. So it started in 2013 with the purchase of the Relais Sant’Uffizio in Asti and the Relais Villa Monte Solare in Umbria. Then with Palazzo Bacchini delle Palme in Venice, the works and the opening in Rome in 2015. And gradually the restructuring and opening of luxury structures, up to the u ltima, this year at Palazzo Portinari Salviati in Florence, a jewel of the Florentine Renaissance, returned to light following a meticulous restoration work.


LDC Hotels have art collections. According to Nelson Chang, “writings and art speak to us through time and space. They transmit to us indelible testimonies about nature, people, societies, cultures and their interactions through different places and moments in history. They are the written words that have made our history and spanned millennia, as a testimony of what it has been and inspiration for what will be. Literature and art, the core of our civilization, address all aspects of the human experience and tell us about our society in its entirety. The East and the West developed independently, but they also influenced each other, through a complex and uncertain path that lasted millennia. They have always known and intertwined their destinies, yet they often seem strangers. Only through repeated attempts at cultural translation and open-mindedness can we begin to understand each other. “Intercultural exchange and the value of art are the basis of the design of the A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, Palazzo Venart and their vast art collections.

Live a day of peace, spirituality and well-being. Even in Rome you can (but not only)