Lisieux: Nathalie Porte becomes vice

Officially elected last Monday, Nathalie Porte began working on the subject this summer. ©Normandy Region

The former deputy for Lisieux/Falaise Nathalie Porte becomes vice-president of the Normandy Region in charge of tourism. She was elected during the plenary assembly on Monday, October 17, 2022, and replaces Marie-Agnès Poussier-Winsback.

How did your election as vice-president of the Region go?

President Hervé Morin made me the proposal in July, I am particularly honored. Even if it was necessary to wait until it was official on October 17, I have already been in the ranks since July. I contacted the services, to see how they work, and the various tourism players, who are particularly numerous. Tourism is one of the key engines of the region, it is a skill which is very cross-cutting, it affects the environment, the economy… And it is very interesting. By being in Lisieux, in the heart of Normandy, I will be able to reach all sectors.

What will be your priorities for the next few months and the mandate?

An evolved strategy will be presented at the next plenary assembly on December 12. Many challenges have to be taken up, questions have to be asked about the methods of intervention and the mechanisms that exist today. We are not redoing everything, it will be improvements that will be made. We want to see how to rethink the tourist promotion of the Normandy destination, from the perspective of sustainable development. This is one of the key topics.

There are many priorities for 2023: implementing the main guidelines and action program of this new strategy, and supporting tourism stakeholders, whether public or private, in the development of their activities. We have the implementation of action plans dedicated to destinations of excellence: remembrance tourism, impressionism, Mont-Saint-Michel… There is also spiritual tourism, we are involved in Lisieux with Sainte- Therese. We are going to develop and qualify the offer of seminars in Normandy, where we have more and more requests, and outdoor tourist activities: cycling which is booming, horse riding, hiking…

Your mandate will also be marked by the 80th anniversary of the landing in 2024.

Absolutely, and the anniversary of the birth of William the Conqueror (note: in 2027). These subjects are on the table today, and we will develop them. I start, so I discover a lot of things. I have work ! It’s very dense, but it’s an intoxicating mission. Tourism is an essential subject for the economy. I remind you that Normandy is the second most famous region in the world behind California.

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Lisieux: Nathalie Porte becomes vice-president of the Normandy Region in charge of tourism