Leadership and the year 2023

We are going to get into trouble in this installment, let’s try to talk a little about spirituality, energy and aspects as human as politics and family; With the announcement of these elements of interest to us, we will resume what those who know about these issues say: 2023 will be the year in which the questioning of the old social structures begins, the reason?, a change of era and the arrival of a year that numerologically speaking corresponds to the criticism of everything already established from the perspective of power and direction.

I think that up to now we have not said anything yet, the statement contained in the previous paragraph acquires more meaning when we remember that social structures do not exist per se, but are the product of society, but in which they also have a great influence from those men and women who fight to create and establish them, so these structures have a lot to do with leadership and, if indeed 2023 is the questioning of traditional power structures, they are inevitably a questioning of these leaderships, call them people, countries, organizations, roles, etc.

According to those who know, numerologists, connoisseurs of the spiritual and dimensional study, vibration scholars, among other affections to the various esoteric currents -probably on this subject I don’t even know what I’m saying-, in 2023 and 2 or 3 years after , both in the public and private sphere, the questioning of leadership, its roles and results will be inevitable, and the truth is that it does not sound so far-fetched, if we pay attention to our environment, we will see how the traditional power structures and actors are being judged and many fell in the last quarter of last year, something they say will last until 2026.

But what are the dimensions with which we can review, judge and condemn traditional leaderships?; From our position as mere mortals, I believe that the aspects are the way, time, place, transformation that they have achieved and the coherence between their actions and their apparent thought.

Space and time is fundamental, there are no leaders that serve forever, in fact, as Leopoldo Zea would say in Positivism in Mexico: birth, heyday and decline, it is increasingly difficult for power groups to keep up with it, due to that society changes and models that were once innovative become outdated and obsolete, an inevitable reality; And speaking of space, our actions will always go far beyond the core of people to whom we direct our actions.

The results are a fundamental edge in the analysis of leadership, a leader who has been concerned with having a moderately influential project, who is concerned with training his own successors in power from among his followers, is not the same as those leaders who prefer a base far from the activity common to all, that is, they prefer to keep those they represent in ignorance, something very common in these traditional leaderships that today are in the eye of the hurricane.

Keeping congruence between what is said and what is done is fundamental, it is an aspect in which even disciplines such as the construction of the public image give great weight, in politics, in the business world, the world of entertainment and sports, not power can be shown only with speech, a certain congruence must be shown between what we say we profess and defend, what we do and what we obtain.

This will be the questioning that public and private leaders will submit to in 2023, political leaders, parents, those who run a company, an organization, no matter what type, they will all be or will be passed through the sieve of those 5 dimensions.

As we can induce it, we must think about the construction of new leaderships and the renewal of some with the same guidelines, always thinking about how far the effect of our actions can go or how far we want the effect of our actions to go, how much time we consider that we can contribute without allowing that our ambition for power annuls us, what we want our contribution to be and what we are willing to do and what not, to adjust it to our discourse.


  1. The peje got away with it, preferring to dismantle what remains of a company like Mexicana de Aviación, than to do justice to the workers who were left without a job overnight, in the midst of many doubts such as the sale, in their moment, of that company without the intervention of the necessary government instances; Not to mention, a bad way out, but in the end a way out of the conflict, an action that, although it does not automatically represent the declaration of bankruptcy of the company, will surely accelerate it so that it is decreed next year and thus close another unfortunate episode in the world. labor.

  1. A federal court in Quintana Roo endorsed that Uber can operate without being subject to the regulatory framework of that entity to provide public transport service in the taxi modality, this is also an unfortunate determination, I think the message is clear, everyone must migrate to this types of platforms and stop paying state governments for the issuance and renewal of their concession titles, among other rights that taxi drivers must pay in order to provide the service.

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Leadership and the year 2023