Ladies’ Paradise 7: interview with Lara Komar (Gloria)

Ladies’ Paradise 7: interview with Lara Komar (Gloria Moreau)

At the end of Season 6 – Daily 4, Glory he sets himself up to give his daughter a chance Stephanie to live without hesitation his love for Marco (we miss you!). In fact, Gemma had blackmailed her: she had come to know the truth. So, Stefania gives herself body and soul and, at the beginning of season 7, she finds a way to free her mother. Glory is free. We analyze the past, the present and the future ​​The Ladies’ Paradise 7 in this interview with Lara Komar for the character of Gloria Moreau.

Find the video with the complete interview with Lara Komar (Gloria Moreau) at the beginning of this article.

Lara Komar shot the prison scenes in just one day: an immersion in “​​beautiful strong scenes, beautiful full of emotion, of pain, of memories, of the past and the future”

Since we chatted with Lara Komar last time, at Paradiso – as always – a lot has happened. So let’s rewind the tape for a moment. At the beginning of the seventh season the character played by Lara Komar – Gloria Moreau – was in prison. Between most poignant scenes – in our opinion – it is precisely those who have seen her as the protagonist in prison and to Stefania and Marco’s engagement party. Shooting these particular moments de Ladies Paradise 7 – in this interview with Lara Komar (Gloria Moreau) – we ask her what she thought about. Obviously “It’s not a situation I’ve experienced in my life”, begins the actress.

Consequentially, “It was really extreme, and usually for the actors extreme things can be scary; but they are also things that give you so much enthusiasm. So it’s very interesting for us to face these kinds of trials.”

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There is also a thank you to all the colleagues of the cast and crew who, also in “This my stay in prison” they accompanied her. It was also not easy because “probably not everyone knows [che] I toured prison in one day: in any case all beautiful strong scenes, beautiful full of emotion, pain, memories, past and future”says Lara Komar.

“Then yes, apart from prison, the handcuffs that accompanied me to the Club: this sacred place in Paradise, where I had never set foot. I set foot there dressed terribly, I was desperate!”, she exclaims with her sweetness that we know well in the character, but is shared by her interpreter. We reassured her: she is always impeccable!

Even for Lara Komar there is a book that made the difference, as it is for Gloria “The Mother Found”

Gloria was released from prison – also and above all – thanks to Stefania, who in the summer between season 6 and season 7 of Il Paradiso wrote a book, namely Mother found. Looking over to Ladies Paradise 7, in this interview with Lara Komar, we ask her if there is a particularly significant book that – in some way – guides her. She, the actress, explains that she is an assiduous reader and omnivorous: from thrillers to historical novels, passing through spiritual readings. Consequently, we find it hard to believe that there are “various books in various periods”.

However, the first one that comes to mind is Arthur’s Islandthat is a novel by Elsa Morante. “He inspired me. She opened up a world to me ”, she reveals: she was just a middle school girl. And yet “that time I said: ‘My son will be called Arturo!’ and so it is! So Artur because being a bit Slovenian…” the choice was international.

“I root for Gloria all my life”: Lara Komar follows the “law of actors”always on the side of their characters

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Lara Komar (Gloria Moreau) in a pose for “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 7”. Credits: Rai

Though rivals in love, Gloria and Veronica (played by Valentina Bartolo) have a deep respect for each other as women Ladies Paradise. In this interview with Lara Komar we ask you to be non-partisan for a moment. Which of the two is the most suitable woman to make Ezio happy?

There is no verse: “But how can I be super partes? It’s impossible! I root for Gloria all my life! I understand Veronica, but I support Gloria, also because it’s a law of actors. At least I believe that you have to believe in your character, fight for him and carry on his truth and his battle.”. Her devotion to Moreau is almost touching and we thank Lara Komar for her overwhelming enthusiasm.

To tell the truth, however, there is also another aspect that we love too much. The authors have developed a special relationship between these two women. It cannot be called “Union” but “understanding”. “It wasn’t the classic case of two enemies in love. There is conflict, but in reality there is a deep understanding and therefore I am very happy”she specifies and we are with her.

Because Gloria is willing to do (almost) everything for Ezio: the answer given by Lara Komar by interpreting her

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Glory – if not all – is willing to do a lot for Ezio. She even thinks of going into partnership with him, despite Armando not considering it a great idea. Looking at the plot de Ladies Paradise 7in this interview with Lara Komar, we investigate her thoughts on it and what she would have done in her place.

In continuity with the law of actors who defend the characters staunchly, says: “I would have done what Gloria did.” The fact remains that the question is not that simple. She thought about it too.

“I also asked myself this question. When I first read this part of the story, I said: ‘But why does she do it? Do you do it out of love which is an altruistic love that does not think of love, in the sense of what man wants to have for himself?’: What conclusion did you come to? Here it is below!

“I think – however – Gloria, in general, act for the Good. She needs to feel close to this man who is the father of her daughter – whom she loves – but that’s one thing I’ve managed to separate.”, explains. On the one hand there is the “Gloria woman who loves” and on the other the “Gloria a woman who loves and who wants her husband’s Good”.

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So in real life besides Ladies Paradise 7in the interview Lara Komar has her say: “what you should do in situations like this is to have one good communication among everyone who is part of the situation at the time. This can also be seen in our history and I think it is very real that we want to do well, but then things fall into place.”

Gloria always acts for the Good: her conflicts do not emerge through words

One of the criticisms – if we want to define them that way – of the character of Gloria is precisely that it looks too good and – since we do not believe that perfection exists – we ask her if there is perhaps a defect that she hides not to hide something, but because she wants to show affection towards the daughter she has found; protective and reassuring towards the girls who see her as a guide.

Thinking about Il Paradiso delle Signore 7, in this interview Lara Komar has no doubts: “Absolutely! The first thing to say is that I don’t think Gloria is perfect. I believe that Gloria is good, but has flaws, but always decides to act for the Good. Gloria has so many conflicts which – obviously – I put in the story, but they are read not through the dialogues, but through how he collects things “.

Even in dialogues with ArmandoHowever, in our opinion, this inner conflict that he speaks of emerges.

Bonus track: a reading by Lara Komar of the cover scene with strawberries

One of the scenes that amused the fans the most was that of the cover with the strawberries that Ezio and Gloria debated about. This scene has almost become a web meme. So how can you not ask her for a comment on this curtain that saw Stefania embarrassed as if it were a “+1” of a situation she would not have expected to find herself in?

Getting to the bottom of this iconic moment de Ladies Paradise 7, in this interview Lara Komar defines her daughter’s attitude (in the soap) “amused accomplice”. In fact, he believes that “probably, deep down, on an irrational level Stefania, when she sees her parents together, is happy and serene. When you see these situations here that can only happen between two people who have intimacy and know each other fundamentally – deeply – it’s something that’s good for her too.”

Therefore? What can we expect from Gloria’s future?

Watch the full interview with Lara Komar (Gloria Moreau) at the top of this article.

Ladies Paradise” is a series co-produced by Rai Fiction and Aurora TV. The Daily 5 season is broadcast on Rai 1 starting from Monday 12 September 2022 in first vision.

Ladies’ Paradise 7: interview with Lara Komar (Gloria)