La Nación / With fashion and art, Patrol invites you to enter a world “Imagined by you”

The national clothing brand Patrol kicked off the month of April surprising with totally innovative shop windows, with a revolutionary and very creative concept in which fashion and art are combined. Here we tell you in detail about this action of the 100% Paraguayan label.

With original shop windows where mannequins and clothes with drawings and 2D scenes are combined, Patrol welcomed the autumn-winter season by presenting its collection in a unique and creative way in its different stores.

Holding the claim (message) “Imagined by you”, the brand’s goal is to make the shopping experience more interactive and engaging for customers by combining visual elements to create a story behind the clothing, they explained from the signature.

Karina Matincich, CEO of Patrol.

Rather than simply displaying clothing on mannequins, the brand has created an immersive experience that tells a story about the collection and captures the essence of Patrol. And this was achieved with a satisfactory joint work with cartoonist Fernando Lovera Chávez, better known as Fertoons.

But this is not the first time that they face a campaign with a compatriot artist. Karina Martincich, CEO of Patrol, commented to La Nación del Finde that for some time they have been building and reinforcing their reputation as a national brand and that in this effort they found it appropriate and also disruptive to involve Paraguayan artists in their actions. She mentioned that last year they developed garments with works by Félix Toranzos, an initiative that was highly applauded.

The cartoons connect with real Patrol outfits making shopping an engaging and interactive experience.

“Also this year we seek to give a twist to everything that has to do with what are the showcases, the stained glass… and achieve a better appeal from the final consumer.

We want them to feel that they are part of the brand, hence our claim that expresses “Imagined by you” arises. We believe that our consumer is really the protagonist of everything we do and of everything we dream of and, ultimately, the entire company is focused on him all the time. And what we want is to recognize that and that when the consumer enters our store, they can live a different experience,” said the executive.

He said that these windows have been on display since the beginning of the month in all the Patrol stores, which are ten, at different points, with a flagship location on Aviadores del Chaco avenue, in front of Shopping del Sol.

Regarding the repercussion of this action, Karina pointed out that people highlight the originality of the proposal. “From the beginning we received a lot of love from the people. They write to us, they tell us “how beautiful it is or how innovative”, because the truth is that there is no other brand that is generating this in its windows”, she pointed out.

“What we are also looking for is that people think differently about their outfit, think in an inspiring way when they start their day and decide what to wear and with what emotion to face the day”, added the CEO of Patrol.

He stressed that the label plans to continue incorporating this concept in its windows, changing the 2D drawings and scenery to reflect each new theme and collection. They hope that the innovative approach to window displays will not only attract, but create unique and exciting experiences for customers. We believe that our people need more happiness and this is our way of contributing to achieve it.

In this autumn-winter season Patrol stands out in its clothing windows with a lot of leather. “You are going to see leather in almost every garment. There is a lot of green, especially olive green, which is very popular in our collection, everything that has to do with versatility. The over-size trend comes with everything, even in jackets, camperotas… that fashion is here to stay. And as for the jeans, the wide pants, the wide legs, the big legs, with a high waist… that is what is going to be used ”, she explained.

In the new autumn-winter collection of Patrol, among other trends, garments with leather and over-size pieces stand out as dictated by world fashion.

The executive also referred to the current situation of the textile industry where the biggest scourge continues to be smuggling, which has a profound impact on a sector that is an important generator of labor in the country. She cited a really worrying fact: “For every contraband item that is purchased, a seamstress stops working that day.”

He recalled that the sector has 40,000 registered seamstresses and another 40,000 in sub-employment. “We are a sector forgotten by the authorities and our people are very sacrificial and noble,” Martincich pointed out in the interview with La Nación del Weekend.

“What we are also looking for is that people think differently about their outfit, that they think in an inspiring way when they start their day and decide what to wear and with what emotion to face the day.”


Cartoonist Fernando Lovera Chávez, known in the art world as Fertoons, created 2D scenes by combining his drawings with the mannequins and clothing from the new season of Patrol.

As a 100% Paraguayan brand that seeks to promote national development, Patrol teamed up with a Paraguayan artist who is a benchmark for caricature to develop the concept. This is Fertoons, the artistic name of Fernando Lovera Chávez (32) a charismatic cartoonist who surprises on TV and in social events by making impressive cartoons in minutes. In addition to his characteristic bun and his wide smile, he also attracts attention by standing out as a digital illustrator, having made album covers for leading groups in Paraguay. He is also a creative in the field of graphic design, animations and audiovisuals.

“When I received the proposal to do a job in partnership with Patrol, and put my illustrations in their windows, I was excited about the idea, since the world of fashion is one of my passions, and what better way to contribute to it than with my art,” Fertoons said.

“One of the pillars of this theme was to empathize with the day-to-day life of people who wear a look according to their style and personality, thus connecting the caricatures in the stained glass windows with their real outfits,” explained the artist. The claim “Imagined by you” literally becomes real in each person when thinking about putting together an outfit for each occasion and place where they move. “And that is where we connect the imagined with the real outfit”, added the talented creative.

Fertoons was inspired by the brand’s claim: “Imagined by you”.

La Nación / With fashion and art, Patrol invites you to enter a world “Imagined by you”