Jann Wenner discusses the origins of Rolling Stone with Bruce Springsteen

Everyday accessories, branded clothing, quality audiovisual equipment, RollingStone takes you shopping and offers its selection of September 2022.

Shopping – Super trend

RST Urban 3

The Urban 3 is reminiscent of a famous sneaker, but it goes much further. Resistant to abrasion, it benefits from reinforcements to protect the malleolus and the heel. In addition, the non-slip sole limits the crushing of the foot in the event of a fall. All in style!

Price: €109.96

The French Slip Polo Lopo


Knitted in France, this jersey polo shirt mixes hemp, a durable fiber more resistant than cotton, and Lyocell, an ecological alternative to viscose. Ideal for returning to the office before enjoying the beautiful Indian summer evenings.

Price: €95

Briefcase Monarchy London


Give your belongings a choice setting with this leather satchel. Sporting the Union Jack, it can accommodate a 15-inch laptop in its dedicated space, and many accessories that will fit in the different pockets.

Price: €1,280

Shopping – Hi-gadget

2022 Honda Civic e:HEV The winning equation


Big changes for the 11th generation of the Civic, which offers a new line and an exclusively hybrid engine. Good point, the integration of this technology does not impact the dimensions of the car, in particular at the level of the trunk, which offers a correct loading volume. Lower and wider, it suggests a more dynamic behavior, which was confirmed during our test. The longer wheelbase improves stability while offering a larger interior, especially in the rear seats. The finish is neat and the atmosphere more modern, with a sleek dashboard. Developing 143 hp, the 2-litre 4-cylinder is associated with a 184 hp engine; a second acting as a generator. All with a small 1.05 kWh battery. The performances are very correct and the hybrid system, devoid of a gearbox, makes it possible to limit engine noise during restarts. Failing to offer the temperament of the Type R, which will arrive next year, consumption is contained to less than 6 l/100 km. Alongside all the modern driving aids, the car has a Bose audio system, which delivers beautiful dynamics with strong, distortion-free bass. Well in line with market expectations, the Civic e:HEV is an original proposition in the hybrid segment.

Price: from €32,400

Bluroc V-BOB 250


Perfect for beginners Beneath its air of a big bobber, the V-BOB is a motorcycle that will appeal to young drivers or those who are afraid of the maintenance costs of a large engine. Rather compact, it displays a muscular and flattering look that has its effect. However, the bike remains very accessible, especially with its seat height of only 715 mm. Bikers and bikers will be able to put both feet on the ground, which adds to its reassuring side. On the other hand, if the position is comfortable with good longitudinal support and slightly set back handlebars, you still have to like having your feet forward. In addition, the speedometer located on the tank forces the pilot to look down. For his part, the passenger will have to deal with a saddle reduced to its simplest expression, but nothing prohibitive for a motorcycle dedicated to small trips. Almost nothing is missing on the equipment side, with ABS, a belt transmission (which makes maintenance all the more easier), the keyless start that is so practical on a daily basis, LED headlights, and even a USB port to recharge your smartphone while on the go. The V-Twin twin, which contributes to the look of the machine, develops 20 hp. Not enough to take your hair off but ultimately enough to have fun, especially since the bike has a contained weight of 179 kg.

Price: €5,299

Shopping – Hot Gadget

TCL 30 5G Affordable and efficient

T30 5G 5

This smartphone allows you to take advantage of 5G without losing a kidney. It revolves around a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen which occupies most of the front face and delivers faithful colors and very correct brightness. Powered by the latest version of Android, its processor nevertheless shows some signs of weakness in multitasking or with resource-intensive apps. The camera is amazing at this price point, helped by the main lens opening at f/1.8. However, stabilization can be improved, especially in videos, limited to Full HD. Finally, the battery allows you to use the TCL 30 5G for almost 18 hours, as advertised. So here is an affordable and efficient smartphone, despite some concessions.

Price: €279.99

Nanoleaf Elements Sounds and Lights


These elegant wood-look panels have a modular design that allows them to be installed easily and as you see fit. They are delivered with everything necessary and in particular very solid double-sided. Once your pattern is on the wall, the Elements are not limited to decoration alone. They diffuse a soft light and even dynamic effects to create the atmosphere of your choice. The panels can even have their light intensity vary to the rhythm of the music. Nanoleaf offers a very easy to use mobile application, which allows you to control all the parameters and create scenes. The system is also compatible with all major voice assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri).

Price: from €229.99

Shopping – Sound in your ears

Realme Buds Air 3 Neo


Dolby Atmos compatible, these headphones allow you to enjoy the spatialization of sound in films, and on certain platforms, such as Apple Music. Water resistant, they offer 2 hours of playback in 10 minutes of charging. All at a low price.

Price: €39.99

JVC Nearphones HA-NP35T


The structure of these earphones does not obstruct the auditory canal in order to hear surrounding noises if necessary. Their shape provides excellent support, especially for sports, especially as they are resistant to rain and sweat.

Price: €89.90

Oppo Enco Air2


Inspired by Apple’s AirPods, these headphones are for those who don’t like overly intrusive in-ear headphones. Offering 4 hours of autonomy, the charging case with translucent lid allows them to push up to 24 hours away from a power outlet.

Price: €69.99

Skullcandy Mod True Wireless


Multipoint, Mods can connect to multiple devices to seamlessly switch between them. They integrate Tile technology to find them via the appropriate app, and 10 minutes of charging is enough for 2 hours of listening.

Price: €59.99

Epos GTW 270 Hybrid


Delivered with a USB C dongle which limits latency, these headphones are above all intended for gamers. Bluetooth compatible for traditional listening, they are also resistant to rain and sweat for playing sports to music.

Price: from €169

JBL Tune Flex


Their design allows you to stay connected to your environment or completely isolate yourself, thanks to hermetic tips and adaptive noise reduction, adjustable to 6 levels. Splashproof and self-contained, these headphones are among the most complete.

Price: €99.99

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Jann Wenner discusses the origins of Rolling Stone with Bruce Springsteen